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I am SO excited about this week! I am headed to my version of Walt Disney World,  the one and only NIKE World Headquarters in Portland, OR!!

Nike is hosting all of the #NTC (Nike Training Club) Trainers/Ambassadors for two days of workouts and training with their Master Trainers.  Can you imagine the competitive juices that will be flowing in this one place!?  Watch out now.  Instagram and twitter will be blowing up with #NTCBlast hashtags, biceps flexing, and new Nike gear.   You can unfollow me now or you can stay and double click on pics of skinny, unattractive guys like this one…..

2014-04-27 11.56.50

(read my sarcasm) Pictures above, Noah Neiman, and all of my co Nike superstars are ridiculously fit and knowing their stories, dedication, and how they help others daily makes me proud to be a part of this team!

I’m staying a couple of extra days with my husband to bike, hike, and sip on some good wine so look for LOTS of instagram pics to come of food and me #MakingHealthyHappen travel edition.


There’s more to this post than just an update on my excitement about working out!  I want to share some great tips and motivation for Making Healthy Happen from a Flywheel client and friend that I think will help anyone get a game plan for meals this week or just get inspired to start something new.

Marie stopped me after class to tell me how she and her sister have been eating clean using the Whole 30 program that I follow on social media and use for my own meal planning (#whole30recipes are everything!).

Marie and sister are single, young, and professional ladies in Atlanta that have been making it happen for over 30 days (going on Whole60 now!) so I asked her to share with me an example day for people to see food from someone else that is living it out for incredible results.

FIRST – What is Whole30? glad you asked….

It is another one of those nutrition/diet books with a 30 day program attached to it and it is one of the few that I 100% agree with and often send clients to use!  Here’s the website.  I didn’t write it or make any commissions or kickbacks promoting it at all.  

It’s Starts With Food is the book that began the #whole30 craze that introduces the program. Essentially it is all about eating clean, reducing (eliminating) added sugar, jump starting a lifestyle of eating real food and less processed junk with a game plan.  It is really amazing and teaches you how to eat rather than just tells you what to eat.  I always love a plan or program that can get you to a point where you have the confidence in knowing what your choice should be for each meal but it takes letting someone else tell you what to eat for a little while to get to that point.   

It is also because of books and plans like this that I don’t spend my time writing meal plans for clients and recreating a perfectly good wheel that has been created a few times now.  Not all of them are right for everyone and some of them are almost harmful but there are a few that I believe to be perfectly written and factually supported so I use them for customizing my own plans and for coaching.  

A Day (or two) in the life of a real Whole30 gal.

The food pic-journals below are for two days; one is when she takes my class and adds an extra protein snack in for the extra fuel and recovery and the other is a day that requires less fuel because she took it off (I love this… take a day off friends!).

Below she even shared details AND a grocery list so you can make this happen exactly and know it is 100% CLEAN EATING.

Follow Marie @MarieACalin for more ideas and motivation to join this sister duo!

Day 1 (Flywhweel day)


Day 2


Day One (Fly Day):

Meal One: @healthfest’s sweet potato and sausage muffins, aidell’s chicken and apple sausage, plain scrambled eggs, one nectarine

Meal Two: bubba burger topped with whole foods guacamole and pico de gallo. Pineapple slices and homemade kale chips.

Snack: two hard boiled eggs, a sweet potato muffin, unsweetened whole food apple sauce (Motts makes a compliant one as well)

Meal Three: tilapia marinated in lime juice, topped with fresh lime, cilantro, mango and tomato. Baked asparagus with olive oil and salt/pepper.

Grocery: three sweet potatoes, eggs whites, eggs, Aidell’s chicken and apple sausage, nectarines, frozen bubba burgers, guacamole and  pico de gallo (whole foods has compliant prepped ones that are delicious), sliced pineapple, kale, unsweetened apple sauce, tilapia, limes, cilantro, mango, tomatoes, asparagus.

Day Two (Non-Fly day):

Meal One: Aidell’s chicken and apple sausage, nectarines and raspberries, veggie egg scramble topped with avocado

Meal Two: Salad in a jar, prep this up to a week in advance and they stay fresh. Great for on the go or at the office.

Snack: Black Iced Tea from Starbucks, no sweetener

Meal Three: baked sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon, asparagus, Brussel sprouts w/ compliant bacon (Pederson’s), steak

Grocery: Aidell’s chicken and apple sausage, nectarines and raspberries, veggie egg scramble ingredients: onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, jalapeños, avocado, salad in a jar: lettuce, carrot, onion, tomato, hardboiled egg, apple, celery grilled chicken. Olive oil and balsamic dressing. Sweet potato, cinnamon, steak, asparagus, Brussel sprouts, compliant bacon (Pederson’s from Whole Foods “No sugar added”)

Is it right for you?

If you are at a point where you just don’t want to think about what to eat anymore or you just know something needs to change in your health life so you can kickstart some better choices for the long run then give this a try but make sure you do two things for me;

1.  UNDERSTAND it.   Don’t skip the entire book or bypass the facts and jump straight to the “what you can and can’t have” section or “phase 1″ because someone lost 30 pounds doing it. You are about to allow a plan, an author, a theory dictate what you put in your mouth and what you stay away from for the next month, don’t be ignorant of WHY.  There is a LOT to learn from the information leading up to each plan and even if you think you have heard it before, read it all the way through to get more attached to it because you will need that in the back of your mind on day 3, I promise.  And there is nothing worse than when someone is on a plan that they can’t even explain the philosophy behind, ie. #glutenfree!  you know who you are.

2.  Have some ACCOUNTABILITY. The reason support groups on social media and blogs are created completely around these books and programs are because no one wants to kick bad habits or learn new things all alone especially when it comes to something as emotional and deep as food can be for the majority of us.  So maybe get your personal trainer, health coach, best friend, family member, or co-workers to do this with you or hold you accountable to report to and communicate with daily so you stay motivated.  Tell people, recruit friends, and don’t try to do it alone.

I guarantee you will learn some new stuff about food and what it is some of the things you consider healthy.  If you are avoiding plans like this because you’re “better off not knowing, it tastes too good”….. don’t be ignorant, do your body some good.  Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels and once you know that feeling, REAL “treats” taste that much better.

Here’s a link to the BOOK.

Have fun getting WHOLED UP and healthy this week, I would love to see you share what you do with me so tag me if you will.  Enjoy your week, see you next week on the bike at Flywheel…I will be teaching a LOT when I return so come ride once or twice with me.

Love and health,

Cara Weaver

Follow @whole30 and the most amazing Instagram account ever @Whole30recipes for ideas, tips, and info.

Share this with friends to spread the healthy word and as always, comment or write me with questions!

What I ordered at YEAH Burger and why, in 3 minutes.

I have started something called “3 FREE” on my you tube channel and it is my way of answering any question a reader, client, or friend has in under 3 minutes so I don’t have to type:)! I do it sporadically and will do it more often if I have the requests for information.

Today’s is just my recap of an awesome conversation I just had at Yeah Burger to-go counter with two strangers that made me laugh, asked me questions, and enjoyed all of my tips for Making Healthy Happen getting excited about implementing it themselves.  I LOVED talking to them and am reminded why I do so much of this every day.

The conversation started with “You must workout every day to get those arms?” I answered like I always do “I workout with weights and cardio 5-6 times a week and eat really clean!”  To which they reply “oh, well that’s not what I do!” HAHA . . I love these ladies already and they laughed, talked, asked questions, and watched me closely as I ordered so I took the time to explain to them the simple reasoning I have when I order and here it is for you too.

I barely made it 3 minutes before queen Ryan of #Ryansworld brought me back to my real job, she’s a tough boss.

In summary:
1. know what carbs are (sugar, vegetables, bread, potatoes, fruit, drinks, etc.)

2. Then pick 1 or 2 smaller ones per meal all day no matter where you are. Doing that consistently throughout the day is MUCH better than saving the sugar up for one big overloaded “cheat meal” because that just confuses your body.

Lower Sugar = leaner bodies.

Quality foods = bigger portions and less calorie restriction (ie. vegetables for days or a 1/2 cup of processed something).

Hope you enjoy and if you have anything you want to know about specific for informational purposes or reviews of products, foods, workouts just write me and email or through social media. I seem to get more time to make a video than type it out so this works.

Have a great weekend!!
Cara Weaver, Health Coach

Calling all cardio junkies… get muscle.


You all know I teach cycling and I absolutely LOVE it!!  I love to get sweaty, go fast, and feel like I just kick butt on the bike or on run.  There is nothing like the natural high you get from a great interval cardio workout, especially when surrounded by extremely loud music and great people (ie. all of my classes at Flywheel:))!


HOWEVER, I also always preach to clients daily about how too much cardio with little to no strength training is just not good for your body composition, metabolism, & longevity.  If you want tight #gunsandbuns and believe that strong is the new skinny then keep reading.  If not, go for another run and enjoy your day!!

Here are some little (or huge) facts about muscle mass:

1.  Muscle burns calories while being worked (built), resting, AND recovery.

2. The more muscle mass you have the more calories (fat) your body will burn, also known as having a HIGHER METABOLISM.

3.  Higher metabolism is what we need as we age, enjoy good food, and control weight.

4.  Calorie restriction will only work when you have a high body fat and little risk of losing muscle mass.  Once your body has decided that it is at an acceptable body fat level (called our “set point”) it will start to break down the muscle tissue instead.

The point is that you will burn off more calories with less time spent pounding your body by building lean tissue.  

So lift weights, heavy or light…just LIFT!

Start here:

1.  Hire a personal trainer for a few sessions to learn how to do some basic moves that you can take anywhere, at home, or at the gym yourself after your time with the trainer.  Take notes, ask for videos, workout plans, and use them for what you pay them for!!  You don’t have to commit for years to a trainer, they want to help you so let them do that while you can afford them and then move on. (need a trainer? I know the best of the best in Atlanta so just ask me!)

2.  Start slowly by getting resistance training with light weights and body weight via TRX classes, Pilates, and Barre classes.  Add 2 a week and replace some of your long cardio with these for best results.

3.  Get heavy!  Go to classes that incorporate more weights at least once a week if you don’t do this on your own or with a trainer.  Once you start to realize how great it feels to be sore and look toned (ie. have muscle) then start adding at least one day a week of heavier lifting to your routine and you are all set! (BLAST900, Orange Theory, FAST TWITCH, Kettlebells, Crossfit, etc.)

Still confused and don’t know if you are ready for some of this?? This is what I love to help people with and why I am a “health coach” rather than a nutritionists or personal trainer.  There is a big picture and we are all so different, I sit down and assess where you are, your goals, your schedule, and help you figure out what is best use of your time for the fastest results.  Just email me to get started.  You can get a group of friends together for a healthy evening or lunch and meet or one on one with me virtually, in person, or on the phone!



If you are ready to pick up some weights today.. Join me at 5:30pm at The Forum Athletic Club for a beginner tutorial on how to take my weight training class Fast Twitch.  Just show up, no sign up needed.  $20/drop in and $150/ten pack.


If you need some intensely FUN and great quality cardio… there are still a few bikes open in my #SweatySaturday 9:30am Flywheel class and I would LOVE to see your face there as well.  First class is FREE and shoes await you there.

Happy Healthy Weekend,

A short video from Ryan & Coach Cara:)



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