Fast Twitch @ The Forum Athletic Club

There are “fast twitchers” and there are “non-fast twitchers” in Atlanta.  The ones that know about the class LOVE it and go back on a regular basis.  The ones that don’t go to fast twitch….just don’t know about it!  I heart this class so much, it is a combination of everything that I love about a workout and it is challenging.  It is designed to change your body if you do it correctly and that is what it continues to do for me and the many Fast Twitchers that continue to return for years.

The Class:  60 minutes of circuit training with explosive interval cardio and weights.  Each station is something new and there are anywhere between 40 and 80 “stations” in each class.  You start out doing box jumps next to your neighbor who is pushing a weighted sled next to your other neighbor who is doing bicep curls.  The bell rings and just like a fighter in a boxing match, you go HARD and you go for 30-45 seconds without stopping.  The next bell rings and you stop, out of breath and moving to the next station to do something different for the next 30-45 seconds.  The entire class is moving, the music is non-stop, the bells ring the whistles blow and you know when to go HARD and you know when you can finally stop (doesn’t last for long!).

How to do it:  To do Fast Twitch “correctly” means to go so fast and hard at your station from the time the bell rings to the point where you can push, pull, lift, jump, sprint, or hold any longer.  Making it to the end of the bell without burning or needing a break means you aren’t doing it correctly.  Rest in between stations and maybe even take a break for one station if you need it, but don’t coast through this class because you won’t do this kind of workout on your own!  Eat 2 hours before class and don’t wear loose fitting shorts as you might be in an awkward position showing some stuff to your neighbor:)

Why:  Explosive cardio intervals burn fat during and long after the class is over.  60 minutes of this class will deplete your body’s sugar storage so that what you eat after class is used to refuel your body, not to add to it.

Where to find it:  The Forum Athletic Club at Lenox Mall.  Fast Twitch is a separate class from the Forum’s membership.  The class is $20 for a single or $150 for a 10 pack. First time is always FREE so no excuses!

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