A4 @ the Forum Athletic Club with Antares Brown

The Class:  A4 is an all dynamic class that consists of a great mixture of 4 things: plyometrics, body sculpting, core strengthening, and anaerobic exercises!

Held on the Fast Twitch turf,  A4 is an aerobics class on steroids to MUCH better music!  Antares is like a nike clad boot camp drill sergeant yelling out exercises after a brief demonstration.  He can come up with the hardest combinations of planks, burpees, and bear crawls I have ever seen!  He loves some jumping jacks and can make 3 pound dumb bells feel like 300 pounds in 20 minutes!

The Instructor:  Antares Brown is well known for his packed out abs classes at the Forum in between Fast Twitch classes on Saturdays but his A4 class has quickly gained popularity among the forum junkies.  (fyi: membership to the gym is not required to take any class offered at the Forum).  The class is awesome, it is a great workout and lots of fun while getting your ass kicked.  Antares has a ripped physique with a super huge smile that makes you want to be a loyal class goer just to be his friend!  He loves his clients and often joins them in weekend mud-races for fun or chats it up after class with a stretch session.

There are two A.B.s (Antares Brown’s)

The Yummy Antares:

What you will look like after an A4 class! Instructor: Antares Brown….yum

and the “I want to pinch your cheeks” so cute Antares:

We all know what is under that shirt and behind that sweet smile!

either Antares will get you motivated and have you wanting more A4!

Click here to see the schedule.

Where to find it:

The Forum Athletic Club – the only “boutique” gym in Atlanta that also offers pay by class options, monthly memberships and amenities, and personal training.

Lenox Mall – behind Macys.  Lowest level of the parking deck by the police station.


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