Flywheel Sports – Wheel

The Class:  I took a flywheel class this morning knowing that I had a limited amount of free time to get a good cardio workout in.  The class is just 45 minutes so that is great becaues you go hard!  The lights are out, the music is LOUD, and the bikes have a computerized system that tells you how hard you are working so you can actually reach a “goal” (or compete with the rest of the class if you have that competitive spirit!).  They also add in a short but challenging arm workout using bars that are attached to the bike, about 4-6 pounds.

Flywheel class setting up

My take:  A Favorite for sure. I put my head down, rode to the beat, and sweated like a champ!  I LOVED the instructor, Cathy O’Meara, and her playlist.  I felt like my 45 minutes was worth every penny and I got my cardio checked off for the day.  I would “fly” with Cathy every day.

Check out Flywheel any time.  Your first ride is always free and they have spin shoes there for you!! There is no excuse not to go try this, you will love the entire experience.

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