Endurance Flow at the Training Zone

The Training Zone is a studio in Buckhead that has been around longer than almost all of the studios combined life.  Matthew Hurst owns TZ and does a lot of his business in personal or small group training.  I happened upon this studio when I met my husband.  We were dating and he wanted to take me to this class he took every Saturday morning.  I was not familiar with the group fitness scene yet and it was back when classes were still a little cheesy and lame so I was not impressed that my new boyfriend wanted to take me to his Saturday morning fitness class!

However, I quickly changed my mind about how “tough” my boyfriend was after taking Matthew’s class.  This guy was mean but nice, tough but professional, and the class was like nothing I had ever done.  This class is still offered and I think he has named it Endurance Sweat or something like that but this is not the class I took this time.

I wanted to take a great spin class because I knew that Flywheel was coming to town and wanted to scope out the options for spin in the city.  Matthew has the bikes with computers on them like Flywheel bikes to so it was good to see even one of the oldest studios in Atlanta staying up to speed on the technology!

Just like Matthew, the class was kick ass and no-nonsense.  He pushes you to push yourself but be smart.  He talks through the class, plays great hard-core music, and his bike faces the same way your bike does so it is like we are all riding a group ride outside together.

My Take:  I would go to any and all of Matthew’s classes any day of the week.  I wouldn’t go to show off a workout outfit, socialize, or hang out like I would a few other studios I visit.  TZ is one of the places that I would go if I had a goal to reach or a race to train for and I know that I will get the best instruction and most professional advice from Matthew.


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