Stellar Bodies

Stellar Bodies is home to SPX, “Pilates on steroids”!  Located on Roswell Road in Buckhead by the Outback Steakhouse.  The small quaint studio is owned by Amy Selig & Jeff Toney, owners of Eclipse One on One personal training.  They are a couple of walking tight-bodied specimens that practice what they preach!

Stellar Bodies co-owner Jeff Toney, sadly he doesn’t teach his classes shirtless!

The Class:  SPX is a class conducted on a mega reformer, a Pilates apparatus designed to keep your core challenged and movements fluid.  SPX is taught with a specific structure to include non-stop fluid movements from one position to the next and little to no chatting like you might find at a typical Pilates studio.  This is designed for more of a “class” environment and less of a Pilates “session” and it really helps to pass the time when you feel like your muscle fibers are on FIRE! 

The mega reformer makes regular lunges feel 20 times harder because you are working both legs equally, the mid.  The class is designed to keep you moving so you get some cardio benefits as well as toning and strengthening.  Amy played great tunes but not so loud that you couldn’t focus on what you were doing or your form.  This apparatus is a fitness junkie’s Christmas toy, there are so many ways to work your body without moving very far or putting anything down, it is always changing and made challenging enough for every fitness level.

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