Boombox with Corey Waller

The studio is located on Roswell Road in Buckhead and packed full of people that are drinking some super fit water!  Everyone that knows of Corey’s studio (formerly Core Fitness Atlanta changing to Boombox) and his classes have been coming to him for years and their bodies and fitness levels show it.  I had to have some of this water!

Boombox class in action with Corey Waller

So I poured me some BOOMBOX!  I went to a 9:45 class and made my first mistake of the day….being late and landing myself on a punching bag directly in the front of the class (in front of Corey).  I typically love to be in the front for the motivation to keep going knowing I am being watched (like anyone who is head down trying to catch a breath cares what the person in front of them is doing!).  However, being in the front of Corey’s class is like having a your personal boot camp instructor,  the man is tough and doesn’t let you stop, drop, or ‘at ease’ EVER.  We were kicking and punching a hanging bag, wearing boxing gloves so it makes you just feel like a bad ass!  We stopped and ran outside, up hill and back to the studio at a faster pace than you would catch me running on my own for sure!  Then back into the studio for the second half of class.  We made it back, slowly catching our breath and picked up 2,3, or 5 pound weights and proceeded to punch, curl, lift, jack, and jump our arms into jello form.  It was awesome!  The final part of class includes core work.  We did planks first where I proceeded to hold the longest plank I have ever held for Corey Waller.  Why?  He stuck his FOOT under my belly to keep me from coming down!  He knew just how to get me motivated and it worked!

Let me also mention that the LIVE DJ in the room is spinning the latest hits, creating some amazing mixes and mash ups.  Nothing gets me moving like a loud. upbeat re-mix so I felt like I was at a party at 9:45am and the dance floor was packed!  This class is fun, energizing, and makes interval cardio fly by.  I Loved it.  Oh, and Corey is tough, ripped, and has the sweetest most genuine smile you have ever seen!  His personal attention to your form and keeping you going is just what you need in a fast paced class like this.  He has found a way to make working out super tough and party fun at the same time.

Corey and his adorable smile. Don’t let it fool you, he will kick your butt!

ps.  it’s a part of the 10 Pack class card!:)…because it is 10 Pack worthy, top quality training.

Boom with me at 9:45 any morning of the week or 6pm if you prefer evening workouts.

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