Tough Love Yoga with Neda

I have heard about Tough Love Yoga from a few friends and couldn’t wait to try a class.  They have a unique twist on a “studio” in that they do not actually have physical location but rent out space in boutique stores or other studios.  The class I took is called Fire Flow Vinyasa and it was taught by a tattooed up girl named Neda who was in incredible shape and able to do things with her body that I had never seen in person.

The class was about moving and power.  Neda started off the class talking about what was ahead of us and described the “power” portion of class as “summer”, warning us that it was going to be a long summer this year.  And it was!  We flowed, twisted, folded, and then stood on our heads. We did back bends, warriors, and scorpions.  We also did some amazing stretches with a partner’s help which is usually pretty awkward to me but the stretch felt so good on my lower back and everyone else was doing it so I just relaxed and enjoyed a perfect stranger staring at my backside!

I loved the class, the instructor and the venue.  It was only $10 and they offer a great variety of classes for beginners to advanced.  Check them out if it is close to you, they will probably show up all over the city at some point.


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