West Coast Workout

West Coast Workout is a studio located on West Paces in Buckhead and owned by Tammy Stokes.  This studio offers cardio yoga, core barre, lift, and many more low-impact but toning and strength classes.

The Class:  I took Core Barre with Mattea and I loved it!  Luckily I live in my running shoes so I was prepared when I met this barre class done with shoes on.  We used bands, weights, a core ball (think small kick ball) and light weights.  They have a unique band system on the ceiling that creates resistance without needing to step on the band or hook it to a bar.  The bands are used for lateral pull downs, tricep work, lunges, and anything else they can come up with.  Mattea’s arms and back were amazingly toned and when I thought that I couldn’t do another rep I just glanced at her muscle definition and kept going!  She was fun, engaging, and played great music.

My Take:  I like the studio because they offer a good mix of classes that are all low impact but effective for toning and strength building.  I put this studio on the 10 Pack because I loved the feel of it, the class I took, and the owner was so personal and friendly.  I would go there on an “off” day between a Blast, Flywheel, or Boombox class to give my knees a day off and still get a great toning/resistance workout.

Where to find them:  West paces beside Coast Seafood in a small office building at the bottom floor.  http:www.westcoastworkout.com

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