Body Sculptor Inc – Class Review

The Class:  Pure Energy, Saturday 10:00am

The Details:  This class is an hour and a half of whatever the hell the not one, but THREE SHIRTLESS jacked trainers can think of to make you do!  Yes, I said shirtless.  The guys bounced around the room with abs that I could wash my clothes on and what I would call negative percent body fat! I felt like I was in a chippendale’s fitness class:) no complaints here!

are you kidding me!  look at those abs.

Ok ok, back to the actual class part.  We started out with a run through the block down Irby Street where you may have been just about 8 hours before drinking your last beer at Pool Hall or 5 paces (in which case you will would be in bed still and not subjecting yourself to sweaty hell).  We stopped outside for wall pushups, wall sits, jump squats, and then ran back to the studio.  All the while the other trainers were at the studio creating a 30+ station circuit class designed to work every single muscle on your body and kick your ass! They had treadmills turned OFF that you had to push with your HANDS, ropes (I love these, see below), pull ups, TRX, and everything you would find a great circuit class.

Quick ropes while moving from  kneeling to standing. Yes that is my concentration face, it’s a lot of moving going on in this one:)

Live DJ:  the class is taught with a live DJ spinning hip hop/pop mash ups that I made it an all out party in the hiz-ouse!  Music makes all the difference to me and this class was on fire with energy.

The instructor(s):  This class was lead by not one but THREE instructors that are also Body Sculptor personal trainers.  Mark, LC, and Dexter.  They were awesome, incredibly built, motiving as hell, and a pleasure to watch!!!  They danced and jumped around the room correcting form and having fun with each other and the class.  Dolvett Quince (trainer on the Biggest Loser) is the owner of the studio and he was there watching so of course I was pushing it like I had 200 extra pounds to lose for him and would be weighed in at the end!

Nikky Williams in perfect form!

Team Ten Pack:  My girls Ashley Hessletine and Nikky Williams met me there to take the class, they were rockstars and we had a great Saturday am workout.

Ashley and I moving through the circuit.

My Take:  It’s a favorite.  I like a workout with variety and loud music so I consider Pure Energy a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning (in my sick fitness junkie way).  The class could have been made a little shorter by limiting the warm up run around the block and the ending abs section while still being a crazy hard class, 1.5 -2 hours is a long time to be there.  Overall, it is a repeat in my book and I would send my friends for the torture.  The next day I was (and still am) sore everywhere:)

Body Scultpor Inc, Roswell Road  $20 drop in or $150 for a pack of 10.

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