Flybarre @ Flywheel Sports

Flywheel Sports is a boutique studio in Buckhead that is known for their 45 minute (sometimes an hour) spin class, stadium seating for the bikes, lights out and amazing music!  Just across the hall is a mirrored room with ballet bars lining the walls and bins beside the door with 1, 2, & 3 pound dumbbells awaiting your arrival.

Welcome to Flybarre, where you will “Pulse” till you Pass out!  

Will you go for the 3s?  I dare you!

The Class:  Ok so I know a lot about this one because I teach it!  I will of course go on and on about how great it is because I love workout classes and if I love it enough to teach it, I REALLY love it!  Just training to teach this class gave my body a whole new makeover with my butt lifted into a new place within 3 weeks.  The method used in any barre class is based on working muscles to exhaustion and fatigue then stretching them out to create long, lean, toned bodies.  Who doesn’t want that?

The class starts out with a “warm up” that will make you want to walk out of the room right there and call it a day!  Following the warmup is the hardest part of the class by far, and I will leave this one a secret because you just have to go to find out why:).  You will work your arms, thighs, “seat”, and abs in every way imaginable with low-impact on the joints.  The music is a huge part of the class because you can only “pulse” so long to a bad song then your over it.  Instructors use all hit songs to keep the energy up and create a fun atmosphere so in the midst of burning and shaking, you can at least hum a few notes to a familiar tune!

long, lean, toned arms

My Take:  do you really need to know this?  I teach it… I believe in it and I love it.  Come Pulse with me.

Where to find it:  Flywheel Sports on West Paces Ferry Road, across from the Whole Foods in Buckhead.

THIS IS A 10 PACK STUDIO!  FInd it combined with other low-impact studio classes to compliment your running or high cardio workouts or for the person that prefers all low impact training.

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