I should really workout…

I hear this from so many people at parties, pools, or out to dinner. Whenever I am around, the topic inevitably turns to fitness, even when I try to avoid it!  It is something that I am passionate as hell about so I don’t care of course but the one common statement and question I hear is:  “I really need to start working out more, or again!  Cara, what do you do?”.

I used to list off my workout routine for the week, which made me sound like a crazy fitness junkie (that I admit and embrace now!).  Friends, clients, and strangers would listen to me with this confused look as I went into detail about how sweaty and sore I got from a kick butt workout class with the same excitement that most people talk about ’50 Shades of Grey’ or a huge shoe sale!  I finally stopped listing off my workout routine for two reasons:  1. I could go on forever confusing people and getting the response “oh, that’s why you look like that..your crazy!”, and 2. I believe that the workout that gets me motivated may not be the same for you!

Over time, my first response to this question or statement has become the simple question “Why?”

It’s not because I think you shouldn’t want to workout but because I believe that no one is going to start working out or go more often if it is because you “should” or “need to” like it is the right thing to do.  I ask WHY because unless you know your “why” and believe in it, I could answer your question with “oh, I don’t workout.  I eat burgers and drink beer all day but my parents were muscular so I am too”  and you would believe it and decide that you don’t need to workout, it’s all genetic regardless!

Here are the 3 questions I ask someone if they want to know what they should do to get fit or healthy:

1.  WHY do you “need” to workout?

What gets you to go out the door or up in the morning before the crack of dawn.  It may start out as a weight loss goal or a vanity “Why”, it may be a doctor’s orders “Why”, or it may be a stress reliever “Why”.  It may start out as one main “Why” and then after a week or two of regular exercise it will most likely turn into a few other “Whys”.  But most importantly, you have to OWN your “Why” and really believe in it so that you can get past the first few times out the door and make it a regular part of your schedule.  Otherwise, that mall, drink, the bed, or dinner will win every time when it comes to choosing which one to give yourself to.

2.  How do you like to workout?

Do you love to sweat or do you HATE it?  Do you love groups or like to fly solo?  Do you enjoy dancing even though you never danced?  Do you need to be outside, inside, around loud music, or quiet meditation?  There are so many different “Workout Personalities” out there and it is so important for you to find the style of training that you can easily look forward to rather than dread.  The worst mistake someone can make is to follow the masses to the local gym and jump on a machine with a magazine in hand to check off their “30 minutes of cardio” for the day, or week!  There are SO many great options out there that have taken fun hobbies and sports and merged them with fitness, find the one that gets you excited or close enough to at least want to go:).  The last thing a night owl needs is to be forced to get up at 5:30 AM for boot camp because they think it is their only option, good luck sticking to that!  (don’t know what you like? try this quiz)

3.  When will you workout? 

Everyone has a crazy busy schedule in this country.  Once I start to think mine is the busiest, someone else takes the prize with a live in great Grandmother that requires around the clock care!  The point is, you are not the only busy person and life is NOT getting any slower at this pace.  Finding the time to workout isn’t easy and it is not about finding the “unused” time of your day (because that doesn’t exist), it is about re-prioritizing so that your workout time is above some of the other people, pets, or parties that you put first.  Show others (and that includes toddlers) that you value your health, body, and time by making working out something that you fit in even when it isn’t convenient for the people who “need” you (I say “need” because most people (and kids) can figure it out on their own for 45 minutes while you sweat away the stress of the day).

So, if you “should” start working out more, working out at all, or want to add some variety to your already dreaded workout routine, start with the WHY, HOW, and WHEN and then put it in action.  Find great options for classes here on my blog, on the 10-Pack website or ask around.  Just do it for YOU and have some fun.

See you in class,

Cara Weaver, 10-Pack Fitness Junkie



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