Camp Mommy Workout Time!

Summertime = children at home = no childcare = no studio fitness classes:(

It is hard to find times to go to our regular fitness classes during the summer because most of them don’t offer childcare service and when camps are in full gear, the start and end times are never convenient to make your favorites studios class schedule.  Here are 2 ways to avoid high cost of childcare, keep your children entertained, AND get your own workout in at the same time:)

1.  Mommy Teamwork:  Find other moms in your area that can’t think of another thing to do with the kids once the dreaded HEAT of Atlanta sets in.  Take turns hosting all of the kids at one home or playground for 2 or 3 hours in the morning or even 5-7pm (classes go on “after work”…which is never for us moms!)  to do an art project or activity together.  That sounds easy enough right?  Well, the best part is this:  half of the moms host and the other half GO WORKOUT and enjoy a great class of their choice.  The following day or week, the other mom (s) get their chance and the kids all have a change of scenery.  Make a schedule so that you do it for a whole week or twice a week to give each of you a chance to get a great workout in out of the heat of the day and maybe run an errand if time permits.  (Insert my serious face here:  MUST WORKOUT BEFORE ERRANDS!!!  who cares if dinner is perfect, laundry is done, or the kids have matching socks..if mommy ain’t happy, healthy, and sane…ain’t nobody happy:))  Hell, maybe you can even add in a pedicure or blow dry @ The Dry Bar:)  what a great camp, I want to be there already!

2.  Custom Camp, Custom Counselors: There are several high school and college kids around during the summer looking to make extra money or add experience to their resumes or college applications. (if you need some names, contact me!)  Grab a 2 or 3 and challenge them to create a fun themed camp for your neighborhood kids or friend’s children for a week or once a week for a month, etc.  This is also a chance for you to design (or guide the babysitters to design) a camp of your choice filled with kids of your choice…ie.  kids that your children will grow up with.’s MUCH cheaper than the “sports camps” or “dance camps” that you are signed up for or wish you could.  We all have talents in an area that we could use to create a camp and hire “counselors” that we choose.  The “counselors” also have gifts, most of them are probably into soccer, volleyball, and other sports that they can teach to your kids.   AND…look what I found on the best website ever…Pinterest:)  The best part….you go WORKOUT during this at a studio that doesn’t offer childcare:)

P.S.  like I said above, the camps do not always have to take place from the hours of 9am-1pm .  Try something new and have a 4pm-7pm camp and go jump in a class to get re-energized for your evening at home.  (note: exercise boosts sex drives;))

What are your thoughts?  Comment if you have another idea or way to make this work!  If you like this idea, share it with your friends now and get started.


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