CBS Better Mornings in my Flywheel class!

I taught a Flywheel class a couple of weeks ago and it was just a little bit more intimidating than my normal class environment!   I was hooked up with an extra mic, had a camera in my (sweaty) face, 30 invited riders (half of them first timers and one of them Shannon Sharpe!), and the local news anchor/meteorologist sitting on the front row staring at me for a killer workout on film!!  no pressure right?

Needless to say it as still a typical Flywheel class, the energy was awesome, the music was loud, and the sweat was pouring.  I had a blast and I think that Justin Lock, the CBS anchor, got a great workout that morning.  Here is the link, enjoy and come to class to try it yourself

Flywheel on CBS

P.S.  This is a 10 Pack studio and just like all of the 10 Pack studios, it focuses on personal service, quality training, and results.  The workout that you will experience at a studio like Flywheel, in a class with this much energy filled with people who are after similar goals, is unlike anything you will find on an at home DVD or in a mega-gym.   Even if you can’t afford to come as often as you like, just getting in there once a month is doing more for you than not by educating you on how to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

P.S.S. For all you that are still wondering, Shannon Sharpe is a NFL hall of fame superstar bad a$s!

See you in class!

Cara 10 Pack

See me on CBS with Fast Twitch too.  I sweat, they film:)

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