Meet me at the Barre….for a workout!

Next time you are looking for a hot, trendy spot to meet your friends after work, try a different kind of Barre for some healthy catching up…and tightening up!

No worries, you don’t have to wear the thong leotard to your first class.

What is Barre?

Barre is a fusion of dance, yoga, pilates, and light weight toning exercises that work your entire body with low impact and high repetitions.  

The idea is to exhaust your muscles with high repetitions and low weights followed by stretching to create the look of long, lean, toned muscles.  The class is taught in a room with a ballet bar, mirrors, and most of them use a core ball (small kick ball), some light hand weights, and bands.  The class is done to music (mostly fun pop songs you know) and everyone does the same thing throughout the class.

Why should I try a Barre class?  You can incorporate weights into your routine while avoiding the dreaded weight room at the gym, hiring a trainer, or jumping into a circuit training class with heavier weights than preferred.  The class is a total body toning experience that will shock your muscles in a  whole new way leaving you sore to the touch the next day (this is a good thing people!:)).

Who is Barre for? Great for runners and cyclists, the low impact resistance training barre offers is a great compliment and strength builder for days off.  Barre classes are also perfect for anyone that has lost a significant amount of weight doing cardio and ready to hit the weights.  The classes are perfect way to slowly introduce weights with focus on correct form. Barre classes are mostly dominated by women, especially Pure Barre, but I have had a few men in my class that love it and come back regularly.

Does it work?  The idea of creating “long, lean, dancer bodies” with the bar method and barre classes is a great one and certainly achievable.  However, just like with any class or style of training….your diet is the key and I know you hate to hear this but it is true and I just can’t hide it.  I have found that when I cut my sugar intake down considerably, no bread or pasta for the most part, the results that I get from my barre class are addicting-ly amazing and proof that our tight, lean bodies are underneath the pizza & pasta from last night waiting to be uncovered!:)

Where do I find a Barre class in Atlanta?

Check out this great article in the Huffington Post 

Flywheel Sports – (try it on the 10 Pack!)  Flybarre (my class:)) “Barre for athletes”

West Coast Workout – Core Barre or Interval Barre (also on a 10 Pack card)

CORE Buckhead – Core Barre (also on a 10 Pack Card)

Pure Barre – franchise studio offering barre only.

Exhale – midtown

Similar to Barre  is SPX @ Stellar Bodies and most Mega-Reformer or Pilates Tower classes at Elevate Your Body in Sandy Springs.

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