Oxygen Magazine’s fit cover model share’s my tips and tricks to staying fit with kids!

I love Oxygen Magazine and their sister magazine (or father/mother/brother.. however you say it, they are related:)), Clean Eating.  They are the only two magazines I spend money on because:

  • They actually show FIT models, not soft skinny girls “pretending” to workout with bad form.
  • The articles focus on health and wellness from a “clean” and holistic angle (ie. no processed foods, heavy creams, and junk).
  • They highlight REAL people in every issue which is so great because you never know where your inspiration may come from or who you may relate to.

One thing I have learned from Oxygen is to stop running from my butt!  I have stopped trying to make it “skinny” and started focusing on developing my glorious glutes so that my God given back side is now higher, tighter, and rounder than it was in my 20s.  I may not fit into a size 2 but I make my size look good no matter what it is.
Ok… on to the point of this post!  I was featured in this cover models blog on her inspirational fit-mom’s post that she recently did giving tips and tricks to getting in a workout with kids.

13 Real Moms Real Inspiration

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