There isn’t one quick “fix”, plan, or pill that will get you to your ideal weight or body composition (and keep you there).

There are so many options out there for you to choose from that can and will help you achieve your goals but it’s finding the one that is right for YOU that is so hard!  We have all been guilty of following a friend, co-worker, or spouse into a new workout class or diet program that seems to be working great for them.  The problem is that you are NOT them!!

Your body and health deserves more personal attention than following the masses.  I can help you assess what you need, who you should see, and how to get there with a face to face meeting and food journal audit.  It’s not a quick fix, it is the beginning of a lifetime of education that will help you feel good about yourself and the choices you make year after year.  No more yo-yo dieting, “falling off the horse”, or extreme fastings to achieve a weight goal.  Once you enjoy your workouts and know what to put in your body, you can enjoy life (and your body) so much more!

So, I write to show you the options, styles, challenges, and unique ways to be active so you can find the one that gets you going!

See you in class,

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