Easy & Healthy meals

This morning I was in the kitchen putting together my grocery list and thinking about what the dinner options would be each night.  I opened my pantry and freezer and saw that I had enough here to carry me through the week so I am planning to use everything in my kitchen before buying any more groceries (except of course fruit, milk, and meat).  I am sharing this with you to give you an idea of how I plan my week to include CLEAN options and exclude over-processed foods and starchy carbs.

I started by eating this package of Quinoa Cereal for my “stand-up and eat while you pack lunches breakfast” that has to happen these days!

The Meal: The cereal is 240 calories with only 5 grams of protein but enough sugar/carbs to carry me through the am (30g).  So, I added TWO over-medium eggs (you can use egg white and put it on top if you prefer to keep the fat down, a good idea) to add a full 12g of protein.  This makes it a perfect meal that will control the drop in my blood sugar so that I can go for my morning run and make it a good 2-3 hours without feeling hungry.

great breakfast option sans wheat/gluten

Then I began taking inventory and making dinner plans for the week using the following options:

Quinoa/ Rice from Costco and Chickpeas from Whole Foods

These little bags of quinoa/brown rice are packaged but they are simply rice and grains (no gluten) and they are EASY!  I am not trying to cook dinner every night…maybe once a week sister!

Other items in my pantry & freezer include!

  • A can of black beans, salsa (which I combine with some cilantro to give my salsa a little fiber and protein)
  • rice chips (less sugar than regular chips but I also use corn tortilla chips freely).
  • A can of Amy’s tomato soup that I will have with a side salad this week for dinner or lunch.
  • A can of okra/corn/tomatoes that I will serve with some chicken and rice one night.
  • Gluten Free pasta & spaghetti sauce – this will be family night meal and I will add lots of veggies and ground turkey or lean beef.
  • Peanut Butter and Almond Butter – great for me and the kids to get a good protein and fat option on their apples or celery sticks.
  • frozen cauliflower & cheese, asparagus tips, shrimp, broccoli florets, and tilapia fillets.

So for the grocery run today, I am hitting up the good ole Dekalb Farmers market for the following items to round out my week:

  • Lettuce -there is always 1-2 salad lunches and dinners each week so I go through a lot of lettuce, all kinds.
  • Spinach – sauteed and added to the quinoa for a good added source of iron, green pepper, celery.
  • Eggs & Bacon – my kids eat bacon each morning for some great protein and fat (on the side of their bowl of Trix or Rice Chex cereal!)
  • Tomatoes, Apples, Blueberries, Bananas
  • Kid’s milk (I keep almond milk for me) & Goat Cheese (my salad cheese option)
  • Almonds & Walnuts
  • Ground turkey or lean beef & boneless skinless chicken breasts.
  • Hummus – I dip all veggies, chips, and the kids dip their fingers in some garlic lovers hummus or spicy style.  It’s my go to snack.

Hope you got some ideas or inspiration.

Notice what is NOT in any of my meals, pantry, fridge, or grocery list….  STARCHY CARBS, BREADS, CHIPS, & CRACKERS.  I have some pretzels, popcorn, and tortilla chips for the kids and my “gluten free” crunch for salsa and hummus.

Comments, questions, add to the ideas….I welcome all.

Eat Clean, Live long,

Cara Weaver

This is a salad that my mother and I had last night, delicious and you can eat TONS of it.. All raw veggies.

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