Pre-Thanksgiving ready

Alright friends, this is a quick post I felt the need to throw out there because I am right there with you!

The Holidays are creeping in and so are the parties, cookies, drinks, and sugar/butter loaded foods are going to be sitting in front of your faces screaming “EAT ME” for weeks!

Here is my first 2012 Holiday Challenge.  It’s very simple.

JUST SAY NO, for 10 days leading up to the actual Holiday!

Thanksgiving; Do not give yourself the excuse of just having “one”.  Decide to say no to all cookies, cakes, puddings, cheesy pasta dishes, and bread until Thanksgiving day.  There are only 10 Days left and I know you can do this.

What DO you eat?

Choose the turkey, ham, green beans, and salad.  Drink some red wine and have some dark chocolate if you must.  Save your taste buds for Thanksgiving day and don’t indulge at the pre-Holiday parties for your kids, co-workers, and friends.  You will enjoy Thanksgiving Day that much more so just decide now to…. SAY NO!

Comment if you will, let me know how you do!

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