Thanksgiving Day – Cara Style!

I am teaching cycling on Thanksgiving day at 11:00AM and Black Friday at 9:30AM.  If you are in town visiting, staying, or close by..make an account online and come take your first class for FREE.  Sign up quickly, it will fill up with overstuffed thankful people pretty quickly:)

Here are my Thanksgiving Day eating philosophy & rules!

Food is great, we all know that and we all need to let go of calorie counting, restrictions, and feeling guilty and enjoy holidays like this with our family and friends where we bond over food and drink.  You probably thought I was going to say “don’t eat anything but turkey and green beans!” didn’t you?  Well, I am not stupid and as clean as I eat every day, I have a 90/10 rule as far as what I put in my body and my 10% indulgences are pretty special to me:) If you want to relax, enjoy good food, and still feel like you can button your pants the next day so you can get back on your 90% horse (eating clean, not starving yourself for your punishment) then stick to this simple plan.

  • No SECONDS!  Fill your plate one really good time and don’t go back for seconds (you will want to, you will be the only one who doesn’t, and you will be tempted but don’t!)
  • WATER: Drink a huge glass of water (in between wine and beer) right before you eat.
  • More WATER: Drink a huge glass of water right after your one and only plate full of food!
  • The CHALLENGE:  Here is the hard part, and the part that will help you manage this uncomfortable feeling and creeping in of the guilts…  The biggie…. Pick ONE either the dinner rolls/cornbread OR dessert.  Ouch… yeah maybe read that again;).   These options are both a handful (or more) of straight sugar that will send your blood sugar through the roof, leaving you wanting even more, crashing, and storing body fat.  It’s not time to completely deprive yourself but have some control and either go for the warm buttery soft roll or cornbread with your meal OR the chocolate/pecan/pumpkin etc pie or cake and ice cream after.  DON’T do them both no matter how “healthy” people tell you they made them:)
  • Eat EARLY:  if you get to vote on when you eat, choose the earlier option.  Take a walk around the block or move around after.
  • LEFTOVERS:  I hate to waste food so I am not going to say to keep your hands off BUT if you eat leftovers, stay away from the creamy dishes and eat the turkey, greens, and make a salad of the leftover “healthier” options.  Let others finish off the cheesy, creamy casseroles.  You already enjoyed it the first go around.
  • WINE is my choice (red), Vodka is also a better option (with soda and lime, splash of cranberry).  Beer is something you do all the time so leave that space in your belly for the best food of the year!

Happy Thanksgiving and be safe and come sweat with me when you can move again!

Cara Weaver

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