Dress for Sweaty Success, CBS Better Morning segment

I was asked to be a part of a local fitness meets fashion segment on Better Mornings with Shaye Strager as she helps viewers stay fashionable in all areas of life!

I love how she started the segment because I completely agree that if you look and feel good in your workout gear then you will have more motivation to go workout.  Every time I buy new running shoes or workout pants, I inevitably go for a run or to class that very day even if I didn’t plan it, it’s like any new outfit you can’t wait to wear! I also find myself saving my “good” workout pants for days when I will be seen because they honestly make you look better!  I tell people all of the time to just buy a good pair of workout pants regardless if you are “skinny enough” for them, they will motivate you and make you look tighter by just wearing them.  You do it for designer jeans….so do it for your BUTT too:)

DEKA ATLANTA Is wear it’s at!  Check out the segment below by clicking on the butt shot (thanks Becca McWaters!).  The outfit I am wearing is from DEKA Atlanta located in the Shops Around Lenox Mall by Crate & Barrel.  They are home to several fitness fashion designers that are all worth the extra dollar, especially if you find yourself living in workout clothes!

my friend Becca sent this shot from her t.v.! my butt was in everyone's living room this am, sorry ppl!
my friend Becca sent this shot from her t.v.! my butt was in everyone’s living room this am, sorry ppl!

Thanks to Tiffany at RAW Bronzing studio for giving me my first ever spray tan so my calves didn’t blend into the white walls on tv!

WHAT IS FLYBARRE? I get this question all of the time and I promise you, it is a class you want to add to your routine or at least try so you can do some of these moves at home if you can’t get to the studio weekly.   I am holding a 30 minute talk at 2:00pm all about what flybarre is, why we do it, and how to add it to your routine this Sunday at Flywheel for open house.    Come by to find out more and sign up for the Flybarre Challenge starting at the end of January.


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