Chew on This: Chuice & Wine tasting Thursday 7pm

Hey friends: IF you are in town and free, I am “hosting” a little Chuice & Learn this Thursday (um…tomorrow:) at 7pm and would love it if you can join me.

NOTE: I am not being paid (don’t tell my husband), not being bribed, and not being convinced to do this or push something down my friends throats, literally! I actually drink, er..chew, this food and love it so I wanted to share a healthy option with people to add to their mix and maybe help someone find something that helps them stick to a healthy diet in a busy world!

What is it?  Chuice is a fresh made juice with veggies, fruit, and juices that isn’t completely blended all the way so that you have to actually go through the chewing process.  WHY? because chewing sends a signal to your stomach that says “food is on the way” and the enzymes released help to break down food to get the proper minerals and vitamins out of it.  This is great because the partially broken down food that reaches your stomach is then stripped of all the amazing nutrients and your body is ready to absorb them quickly rather than passing them through.


Where: The Chuice Kitchen is at 433 Bishop Street Atlanta, GA  30319 off of 17th street in Atlantic Station.

Can’t come but want to try it… I will probably hold another one mid-late April so stay tuned.  Visit their website and find them on facebook.  They are delivering daily to Lucy’s Market and Nuts-n-berries so you can always go there to order yours or taste it.

I would love to see you tomorrow night so if you can swing by for a minute any time between 7 -9pm then please let me know you will.

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