Six easy ways to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle TODAY. Try one or all of them, start now:)

  • Take a glance at your day on paper.  Food journals are the best way to immediately pinpoint where you have a chance to make a healthier change.  We all do it somewhat in our heads but seriously write it down, even for just a few days.  Note what time, how much, and how you feel about it (happy, full, starving, depressed, lonely, bored, drunk…)
  • Know your foods.  List all of the foods you eat on a regular basis and categorize them into Carbs, Protein, & Fats.  Further into processed or natural!  Notice where you spend the most of your time and try to even it out a little without adding food! #gameofchoices
  • Drink water like it’s medicine!  “drink more water” is a typical nutritionist statement right!? we all know we need to, we may think we drink enough already but try making this a focus for a week and see if you notice anything;  skin clearer, energy up, and endurance stronger.  Drink a large glass of water at each of these times like it is medicine, in addition to what you would do with the meal.  Before coffee/brkfast, before eating the 1st bite of lunch, at 3pm, before eating the 1st bite of dinner, before bed.  Drink the whole glass down before doing anything else.
  • Create your own FREE workout boot camp! There are so many studios/gyms that offer a week free or trial class so create a little month-long boot camp and treat yourself to all of them in as little time as possible for the best results! have some fun, get outside your box.  This could seriously take you through the summer with the various styles offered; Yoga studios, Pilates, Dance, Cycling, Boot Camps (bring a friend day), gyms, specialty classes, Kickboxing.  travel a little more to a new one knowing you most likely won’t go back but you never know what you will learn, who you will meet or how much you might love that teacher/class/place.
  • Make it a priority!  Write down your workout plan for the week and put in in your calendar, on your fridge, or bathroom mirror.  Tell a friend, even have them meet you there.  Book it online if the place has that option. The key is this: your workout is an appointment on your calendar that can NOT be changed.  This is as important as a meeting with your boss or the president for that matter. Schedule the rest of your day around it.  Pick one day of the week that you are little later to work or leave a little earlier to get to a great class or go for a long run, just one day won’t hurt you! Workout on the weekends so you can start Monday feeling ready and productive.
  • Obey your bedtime.  I know this is not possible every night and we are all so busy that we have to work at night right!?  …. or are we tweeting, pinning, liking, posting, and blogging.?  Just for one week, decide to go to bed between 9 and 10pm with an hour of decompressing time leading up to it! soft lights, soft music, read a book, turn off the lights…SLEEP for as long as your body can and determine with this test how many hours YOUR body needs to reset.  Usually this is between 5 and 8 hours for adults.  Don’t assume you are at either end of the spectrum, test it out and see for yourself.  Then you know what you really need to get on top of your game again when life takes you back to late nights.

just do it now

Cara Weaver, Health Coach and Fitness Professional

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