The Prep Party: Shop, Slice, Store, and Socialize for healthy success!

At the end of the day, the biggest obstacle for health is the fact that our lives are sooo busy and the most healthy convenient options are pretty expensive!  We just “don’t have time” to be healthy.

The Paleo diet and many others tell us to eat like our ancestors did.  WELL, you know what else they did?  They planted, picked, washed, sliced, and enjoyed their food sitting down, in groups, as a family or community, and took their time doing it EVERY DAY!!!!

eating fast
Eating on the run…look familiar?

Today, we have book clubs, supper clubs, garden clubs, small groups, play dates, and poker nights.  We have jewelry parties, makeup parties, clothes swapping parties, and even gatherings just to sit and watch more tv (myself included, Bachelorette addiction!).

So, here’s my idea for a little healthy take on a party (don’t worry, alcohol is totally acceptable as well).  In fact, you can still discuss books, gardens, shows, and maybe play a little bunko when your done.

The Prep Party:  Shop, Slice, Store and Socialize!

veggies contained

Why:  We get home from the grocery and we not only dread carrying them in, it’s putting them all up and then you are probably left with the task of preparing a meal!  It’s all I can do to keep from opening the fresh new block cheese, box of crackers, wine, or cookies while it’s out!

How to:  Create a grocery list, volunteer one or two people to hit up the farmers market for the whole group, invite everyone over with their own Tupperware & knife, serve some wine (careful with the knives after glass #2), and chat while you wash & prepare fresh salad, vegetables, and fruit bowls for a week!  (Divide up the cost of the groceries or have everyone bring their own).  Maybe even add some chicken breast or fish with a special marinade in baggies to take home.

When:  Have these weekly if you can, maybe even plant an herb or vegetable garden at one person’s house that you all pick from and help fund.


  • Get nice, new Tupperware for this, it motivates you to fill them up with colorful foods.
  • Assign someone the task of bringing printed out copies of ways to use or prepare a particular vegetable, fruit, or meat.
  • Keep it simple, don’t turn it into a supper club with extravagant recipes, the idea is to eat clean and use few ingredients so focus on the nutritional value of the food rather than how many different ways you can fry, smother, or cream it up into some impressive dish.
  • Bring a cooler, leave with the best groceries you have ever carried from your car to your house AND social time completed….CHECK!

I am available to come to these in Atlanta to health coach for the group as well, but regardless it is a more productive and healthier way to spend an evening and make prepping for success a social thing instead of a dreaded chore.

Here’s to prepping for success! – Cara Weaver

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