Get Fooducated!

One thing I often tell clients and friends when it comes to learning how to eat is to take ownership in your education of food and look it up rather than rely on a nutritionist, meal plan, program or book to tell you what you should eat and the nutritional value of it.

We all get in the habit of mindlessly eating foods, healthy or not, without knowing what or why we are eating them!

So, my challenge is to take a moment to find out what your regular foods are doing for you, why you benefit from them (or not), and how much you actually need in a serving.   Not just the grams of sugar, fat, or protein (which are important to be aware of and use wisely) but go deeper into what each food has in it and then how that translates to your life (ie. cancer fighting, skin tone).

You can do this AS you eat it, while you food journal, or plan your grocery list for the week/day.

For example; I walked by a basket of beautiful cherries the other day and thought to myself; “I could eat that whole thing right now.  I wonder if I would be getting anything out of that move for the long run?”.  Then I pulled out my phone right then and looked up ‘nutritional value of cherries’. 


My grocery store research minute results: for 1 cup of Cherries

  • only 22g of carbohydrates,
  • 3g of fiber,
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • is an anti-inflammatory food
  • a natural source of melatonin (helps with sleep)
  • has potassium (which aides in reducing blood pressure)

So, I proudly grabbed that basket of cherries and had a cup with a piece of dark chocolate for dessert that night then drifted off to sleep like a happy, healthy baby!

Now when I go to the store, I will add cherries to my cart with a confidence knowing what is really going into my body.

Give it a try, share your finds with me and all of my readers with a picture and tag me on instagram, facebook, or twitter.

Sites I like to use besides just!


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