The optimal workout routine includes “everything”!

This week I was on Atlanta & Company Live with my friend and frequent flywheel/barre client Christine Pullara.   The topic was on how to best perform during a workout with the proper fuel, type of training, and gear!Atl&Co

I want to touch back on how important it is to create a balanced workout routine full of variety for new challenges and to see the best results!

I am most often asked the following from friends and strangers;

“What do you do?  You must run OR do a lot of yoga?”

Sometimes my answer makes me feel like I am a Miss USA candidate wishing for world peace:) 

“No, I do a little of everything and I do it often”! 

But it is true and I have noticed that many of my health coaching clients get stuck on one type of training that feels safe, comfortable, and one they think is burning the most fat and never see changes in their bodies.

So, what does a “everything” look like?

  • Cardio.  There are 2 types, interval (anaerobic) and endurance (aerobic) cardio.  The way you can tell if you are doing one over the other is how high your heart rate stays throughout the workout and if it includes bursts of speed or high intensity (interval).  Both types are great for you and your fat burning during and after so get 2-3 days in a week.  Examples: Cycling, running, dancing, tennis (singles), kickboxing, boot camp, tabatta at home or in a circuit class. TIP: get a heart rate monitor asap!
  • Strength. Like I said in the interview above, strength training does not have to be pounding weights at the gym ladies!  Although I personally love lifting medium-to-heavy weights, I currently do most of my resistance training teaching a barre class.  At least 2 days of strength per week is ideal and can be found in most classes these days that offer circuit or boot camp style training combined with interval cardio.  You can also get this in with a power Pilates or yoga class once a week.
2013-05-22 14.53.09
Strong is the new skinny! Get you some weights girl.
  • Flexibility – After every single workout you should take at least 5 minutes to stretch but I think that a dedicated stretch day via a great yoga class each week is the best.  At least once a week and if it is not a “power” class then it can even follow your long run day or be your “off” day.

Make it Happen tips:

  1. Don’t take the weekends off!  We are so busy during the week trying to get prepared for eating healthy, making meetings, entertaining clients, kids, and getting to bed at a decent hour that sometime (most of the time) the workout is the first thing to go.  Make Saturday and Sunday all about you and get a good hard, long workout in.
  2. Hire a trainer.  Even if you can’t afford it for the long run or have a gym membership.  I suggest that everyone hire a trainer for at least 2 sessions to get ideas to take home with or on vacation.  Trainers work for YOU so ask them to design a workout that will help you achieve the results you want and one you could
  3. Make it about YOU.  Don’t follow your friend or co-worker to cross fit or hip hop dance class if you hate it just because they rave about it and the results they see.  If you can’t enjoy it, you won’t stick to it or create a habit out of making it happen often.  Test out new classes, trainers, styles, camps, and sports to find what you enjoy.
  4. Try a “Commitment Project”.  My sister did these for a while and I thought they were the perfect way to really get to know, get comfortable in and addicted to a new style of training or studio.  For 2-4 weeks a time find a class or style to try new or again and commit to going more than you would typically plan to in a short amount of time to really see how much you like it and see the best results quickly from just that class/program.  Examples: Get the 1st week free at a gym and go every single day.  Purchase a 10 pack of classes at a studio and use them all in a month (or less!). 

Make it fun, make it different, just Make It Happen!  (starting this weekend!!)


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