Prep for Success for a short & busy week!

This week’s prepping is for a short, busy week due to the Holiday and travel.  I planned easy to-go meals so that I can take what I have left with me or freeze them for next week.  I also don’t like to leave a lot of food in the fridge when I leave town so I try to use everything I have left somehow so I avoid spoilage.

The Plan – Monday – Thursday morning.

  • Have 6-8 boiled eggs ready for grabs – topping salads, quick breakfast or snack
  • Salmon Cakes – there are a lot of good recipes online but I used this one.
  • Chicken/avocado salad for adding to salads or wraps
  • Roasted Vegetables  – for a side dish, added to eggs and/or salads
  • Blackened Shrimp – rosemary skewers because I have TONS in the back yard. This will be my only real dinner planned for the week.  The other dinners will be salads loaded with vegetables, salmon cakes, and the chicken salad prepared.

The shopping list: for items above and for snacking

  • Spinach & romaine for salads
  • Vegetables to roast – I chose mini sweet peppers & zuchini
  • Apples – Fuji
  • Can of chicken – white meat
  • Can of Wild Salmon
  • Shrimp
  • Avocado, tomato, lemon
  • Salsa & corn tortilla chips
  • Can of sweet potatoes – or whole one heated and mashed
  • Eggs – boiled, 1 for the salmon cakes, and
  • Celery, Carrots, hummus for snacking, meals, and kids
  • Slivered almonds

Pantry items:

  • Coconut oil
  • Almond Flour
  • Blackened seasoning
  • Cilantro & Basil – potted garden item
  • Rice bread in my freezer always & grape jelly for kids

Let’s begin… do it ALL at once – except the blackened shrimp, those take no time and should be done the night you eat them. 

2013-07-01 08.12.12

1.  Boil the eggs – use the others to make muffin pan frittatas for the week if you won’t have time to fry or scramble them later.

2.  Roast the vegetables – little oil & salt is all you need,

3.  Make the salmon cakes

4.  Make the chicken salad using a ripe avocado instead of mayo.  dice apples and slivered almonds added to it (maybe dried cranberries if you have them:))

Tip:  Don’t write a blog post while your salmon cakes are frying…unless you like the charred taste:)

2013-07-01 08.49.38
Charred salmon cakes, roasted veggies, chicken salad, boiled eggs

Wondering what my kids are eating?  they have a turkey and ham chunk from the deli, cheddar cheese, carrots & zuchini with hummus, puffs, broccoli in the freezer, yellow rice, and fruit snacks for treats!  Oh. and they love apples and nut butter.

vegetables and humus make a mess! go shirtless:)
vegetables and hummus make a mess! go shirtless:)

Atlanta friends, I will be holding my next Healthy101 Seminar on July 17th so rsvp & get your ticket now. This will be a great overview of nutrition plus some hands on with Kale and prepping a tray of fresh vegetables to take home!  Bring some friends, let’s get healthy together.

See you soon,


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