Healthy 101 gets hands on. This Wednesday, July 17th

This month I am holding my seminar around the kitchen island at the amazing Chuice headquarters (former catering facility with an amazing entertaining kitchen).

We will be getting hands on with fruits, vegetables, and the almighty KALE as we prepare healthy options for quick grabs and learn to make a fabulous kale salad as we chat about health.

2013-06-10 08.48.13

The topics of discussion for the night will be:

  • Organic – what it means and when to choose it.
  • GMO, Nitrates, and “all Natural” – what they mean exactly.
  • How to plan meals for the week as you Prep For Success

The cost is $35 for the 1.5 hour cooking/prepping class and seminar.ย  Food to take home and taste included.ย  (plus chuice of course!) 6:30pm start time.

*bring cash if you want to purchase Chuice at the facility – $8.50/pint and $30/half gallon

*Bring a friend and make it a healthy social outing!

433 Bishop Street Atlanta, GA 30318

See you there!

Cara Weaver, health coach & consultant

4 thoughts on “Healthy 101 gets hands on. This Wednesday, July 17th

      1. I would like to attend your seminar this evening. Can I pay with a CC or write a check for the $35?

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