Have extra juice in the fridge? Turn it into a cool treat….

This may be a shocker to most of you but I actually do NOT own a vita-mix or carry around a green concoction everywhere I go!  I rarely “juice” my food or visit juice bars in general.  I get 90% of my vitamins and minerals through whole foods so I don’t have to rely on the convenience of juicing to get my vitamins and minerals.  I also just love to chew and feel full after a longer meal.

You think if this were juiced we would all be hard core juicers?
You think if this were juiced we would all be hard core juicers?

However, I do love a fresh juice and the benefits you can get from unique plants and herbs found in a lot of them for liver detoxing, cleansing, digestion, immune system boost, etc.  There are several reasons to enjoy a shot, juice, or full juice cleanse so if it appeals to you and your lifestyle, goals, or tastes then go for it!!

My opinion is whether whole or juiced…just get REAL food in your body every day! 


Now..let me get to the point.

Today I had leftover juice & Chuice that was starting to lose their nutritional properties (after a 2-3 days) so I decided to toss them into my kids ring pop molds and freeze ’em for some healthy treats later (it will be HOT this weekend).

Now I can EAT my meals and suck on my juice in between without getting that quick spike in blood sugar that juices can give you🙂  it’s not a bad thing but just something to think about if you do it daily.

2013-07-19 08.03.21
Poured the juice in, froze it, and had a little treat that can satisfy that craving for a munch or sweet mid-day.

I used Chuice and Watermelon + Fennel juice that I had and no I didn’t mix them together..ew.

2013-07-19 13.38.22
Chuice pops and Watermelon/Fennel pops. Here I had some leftover apple juice frozen on the stick so I surrounded it with watermelon juice to make an apple/watermelon mixed pop.

Thoughts on how to enjoy these… maybe it makes great ice for a cocktail (must try this) or to make flavored water? Kids don’t know what they are sucking on so go ahead and throw them a healthier pop than the grocery store one.  Mix in your own juices (carrot, apple, cranberry, etc.).

Atlanta local juice places that I enjoy are:

  • DTOX Juice, organic juices farmed by the owners themselves! plus fresh brazil nut milk that is delicous.  They also offer kid options that are healthy and organic.
  • Roots Juice. – new to town and located by Lululemon Lenox.
  • Chuice is more of a meal replacement than a need for a cleanse, boost in energy, or specific juicing need because it has fiber, protein, and fat (nuts) and the chewing process is left in.

All are great and I find them all easy to add to my already whole food based diet whenever the time is right.

Hope you enjoy your cool, healthy, green-pop!


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