The Healthy Heroes save the day! A game to play with super hero kids that need to eat more produce.

This is a super quick shot of the game I play with the kids when I am prepping food and have new vegetables or fruit out that I want them to try.

Each food has a specific and intriguing power that will help them fight bad guys, grow web, have night vision, jump higher, etc. As the evil witch, I am going to eat it all if they don’t eat some and grow bigger and stronger than the good guys and take over the world!

Don’t have super hero loving kids? Maybe your girl doesn’t go shirtless in a cape all day like her brother? You can give foods the ability to help them read faster, dance longer, swim deeper, twirl longer, sing louder, talk more (hmmm, do we need this?) and even stay up later:)!

Jay diggin into his Powerful Mango and Strawberries
Jay digging into his Powerful Mango and Strawberries

After we played, my son asked me for more Mango which was amazing. He never wanted to touch the fruit because it was “slimy” but now that he believes that it will make his skin tougher than Captain America’s shield he loves it (and realized that he loves the taste)! And it’s really not that far off from the truth:)

As for mama…. I was busy cooking bacon and sauteing some peppers, zucchini, & spinach for an omelette.ย  The kids LOVE bacon of course and it has protein and fat in it to keep them satiated longer than just a bowl a fruit can so we add it in every morning.

mama's breakfast
mama’s breakfast

Have a great day!

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