Just give it a TRI….I’ll be there with you!

JOIN ME SEPT 7TH for a Sweaty Saturday Sprint triathlon or duathlon!  Come on, don’t stop reading…..

Triathlon season (yes, there is a “season” for this too!) is winding down in Georgia but there is still one more little sprint that we can do to give you the bug for training this winter!

I know what you are thinking.  “Cara is crazy and I can’t keep up with her or anyone she is doing this race with”.  You are somewhat correct, I am crazy.   HOWEVER, this race is just like any workout you participate in when you come to my class at Flywheel or anywhere; as hard (or doable) as YOU make it!  You can do this, we will be together and we will not be there to prove anything accept that you can finish!!

Listen to this little guy!
yes YOU..come on, let’s go.

A Sprint Triathlon is the shortest distance of all, 600m swim, 13.6 mi bike, and a 5k run.  Different waves of people start at different times so you just go at your own pace and get through each section on your own.

The date is coming up; September 7th at John Tanner Park in Catrollton, GA.  We will be done before lunch and back in town in time to take a nap and go out for drinks together to celebrate a fun sweaty Saturday morning accomplishment!

The details and the challenge:

1.  Don’t over think this, if you are in town and in pretty good condition (no injuries and workout 3 times a week) then you have no excuse and should click here and sign up.  It does cost about $89 + a one time $12 triathlon club fee.  Don’t stress about the rest, just do it now before you back out.  Train for the swim by jumping in a pool at the local YMCA or Dynamo swim club for a few times and make sure you can swim the distance without worrying about timing yourself.  I will have a coach (my Dad’s wife Patricia who just swam over the competition at the tri we did last weekend!) meet us all at a pool before the race to give us pointers but swimming is not necessary for this one either!  I spent half of the swim on my back for my first triathlon…no one is out there judging.

2.  The Gear.  If you don’t have a bike, borrow a neighbors, friends, post on facebook, or go rent one at any of the awesome bike stores in town.  You don’t have to clip in, just get one with cages that you can use to secure your running shoes in.   Wear a swimsuit that has no strings ladies, just get boy short like bottoms and a sports bra top if you must.  Biking shorts with or without pads can also be worn to run in or you can throw those over your swim bottoms and then take them off and put your running shorts on next.   Transition times are not what we are concerned about for this race, it’s getting the race done and saying we did it that we care about it!

3.  Do the race with friends!!   WE will all go together after meeting a couple of times in the next few weeks to run together and talk about what to expect.  It will be a fun, loud, supportive, and crazy group so just sign up and come Make It Happen regardless of how FIT you think you are.

Now, go sign up and email me if you are in.  I will create a facebook group for it and we will meet for a group run and a group ride at Flywheel then on the bike path once starting from a bike shop so you can check out rentals or gear there if you want.  Again, you have everything you need, you won’t look like the triathlete professionals with sponsored shirts on but you will survive and maybe impress yourself!



Here are some great resources:

Beginner Triathlete website with training plans, information, and all the “dumb” questions you have.

Tri the Parks directions to John Tanner Park

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