My Portion Control post from Witty + PLUS must have measuring tools.

My Healthy 101 Seminar this month was on Portion sizes and how much they are growing everywhere we turn..along with the obesity rates!  Fact:  nearly 40 percent of U.S. adults are obese, along with 17 percent of children ages 2 to 19, according to the CDC.

You may read over that quickly because you have heard it a million times before but stop and understand this fact as well; No pill, law, or workout is going to change the way we are over eat and our poor food choices.  This has to be up to us and we have to take it in our own hands instead of relying on doctors to try to FIX what we can control at home.

There are numerous studies out there that prove how incapable we are at controlling our intake unless we are given the exact portion sizes (hence the 100 calorie pack snack trend).  Even educated, mindful adults that are striving for weight loss consume too many calories in a sitting because the food is THERE and not because we are still hungry or desire the taste any longer. 

This is sad and scary because the fact that food is in front of us isn’t something that is going to go away.  We are being presented with bigger salad, hot food, and yogurt bars, bottomless bowls of chips & bread, all you can eat buffets, bigger bags of chips, longer subs (2 for 1 deals to boot!), and pancakes the size of our heads (restaurants are the WORST) every day, everywhere we go!

So, back to the point of the post…. I held a portion control seminar this month that showed attendees what it looks like to take Make Healthy Happen at home, eating your favorite foods.  We measured out portion sizes that were labeled on the bags, boxes, and bottles of each food we already eat on a regular basis and this information was used in combination with the nutritional value of each food so everyone was aware of the size of each portion AND how many portions they should stick to in order to see changes in their waistline.  The evening’s information is summed up here on Witty + so check it out. 

How can you take control of your portions at home?  Purchase the following items and follow these rules:

2013-08-08 09.32.23

  • Food scales are awesome, get a digital one and every time you eat protein, nuts, cheese, and anything calorie dense for the next week, weigh out how much of it is appropriate and start to recognize this without the scale after a few times.  Check back in when you think you are stacking that sandwich up too high:)
  • Know what proper amounts you need in each meal!  How many calories do you require a day, divide that up into 3-4 meals and keep them as close to even as you can.  Within each one, get protein, carbohydrates, and fat (40/40/20 is a good start ratio).
  • Divide out portions before you grab and go.  Snack baggies full of nuts, chips, crackers, granola (my indulgence!), and anything you can’t control yourself around.  Don’t worry about fruit or vegetables… eat as much of those as you can while you take control of the boxed, bagged, and bottle items that need it most.
  • Measure out a glass of wine 5 ounces and see what it looks like in your home wine glass.

Take away:

Find ways to control how much you consume on a daily basis (or sitting) and share them with the hashtag #makinghealthyhappen so we can all benefit from new tips.  Make this happen at home, on the go, out to eat, and with kids.   We can’t rely on labels, sizes of bags, or government to step in and control the availability of food.  We are lucky that we have options and an abundance of food compared to other cultures but that luck is also what is killing us daily with heart disease and diabetes.

Take it under control and get sweaty! here’s to healthy happening.


Food Stop Sign. hmm..could this work for you?

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