Four (free) Foodie apps for your smart phone!

Personally I am not big fan of the apps that count your calories and log food journals because they are quickly forgotten about after day 2!  I think they are great if you can use them consistently or even just for a week to get an idea of how much you eat.

I am a fan of anything that provides more factual information about food and it’s nutritional value so here are some great ones that I have recently come across!

1.  Fooducate – it also tracks diet but I have used it for scanning items for the nutritional content. There is a website that is a great resource as well, relatively new so some foods are not on it but the ones that are have a ton of great information about more than just calories!

2.  Food Truth -This is the prettiest app I have seen in a while:) It is an education on REAL food, what’s in season, and simple recipes.

3.  Foodle – Everything you would find on the side of a box or bag right there on your phone, an instant nutrition label.

4.  Nutrition Quiz – a fun game to play with how much you know about food and the myths we believe.  A great way to understand something more without reading boring research articles or blogs.

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