Your Holiday & Football watching Game Plan; 5 ways to Make Healthy Happen this weekend

Hello College Football Season!!!  And that wonderful holiday to help us sleep off the hangovers (food and drink ones!).

Is this what you do all weekend?
What is your choice? #gameofchoices

Before you get off work and put on your game face, take a minute to create a little game plan of your own and end the weekend feeling like you maintained some control of your health.

1.  Book your workout now!  Reserve a spot or plan for a good hard class once or twice this weekend.  Commit to seeing your trainer, running with friends, or playing a game of tennis.  Don’t wait to plan your workouts around your drinking schedule or how you think you might feel that morning based on what you assume will happen the night before, just book it and then adjust your behavior accordingly, I guarantee you will still have plenty of time to drink, mingle, and have fun even if you have to be at a 9:00am workout the next day.  There are always later afternoon classes and options (mine for example) that will give you time to sleep in, eat well, and sleep better that night.

2.  DRINK WATER and more of it all weekend!  You will be at the game, at a party watching the game, at a park, with friends, at the pool, lake, beach and the more we are out of our regular routine the less water we tend to drink.  The more dehydrated you get the worse you feel, lower energy you have, hungrier you feel, and more likely you are to reach for an alcoholic beverage instead because they are unfortunately more accessible than water at most parties.

3.  #PrepforSuccess with convenient healthy options when your faced with nothing but cheese, chili, and hot dogs.  If you are at a tailgate at the game make sure you eat a bar or something filling before you go or have one in your bag so you avoid the temptation to dive into that hot bag of chips and dip under the flies swarming around the tent and wash it down with another beer because there isn’t a water anywhere nearby.  If you are at a party that you are sure is going to be a display of hot wings, burgers, chips, and pretzels then go ahead and eat something healthy before you go and enter with a semi-satisfied appetite and more will power.

4.  Play the #GameofChoices, find out more on my recent Witty + Pretty post about this game on a vacation or really any time there are multiple indulgences to pick from!  Chips and dip OR hot wings for example.  Hamburger OR chips & dip.  Beer OR cookies, cakes, ice cream.  You get the idea right?  Treat yourself but have the power to say NO to another indulgence that makes you feel bad about yourself later.  It’s the good and the bad all in one and a great way to Make Healthy Happen while still living life!

no bun....didn't love the Zuchinni fries but I had a few drinks and some fro-yo instead!
no bun….didn’t love the Zuchinni fries but I had a few drinks and some fro-yo instead!

5.  End your weekend with a plan for your short work week and don’t let Tuesday come and go with nothing but a hangover and piles of work that you can’t finish because you’re a day behind!  Go to the grocery and prep just one or two easy healthy meals for the next couple of days.

Here’s to Making Healthy Happen during Football Season.

Find some healthier party finger foods on my Pinterest Board or follow me on Instagram for pre-game ideas.


Last little tip before you head off to enjoy this long social weekend is this:  THROW AWAY THE LEFTOVERS!!!  If you hosted or left with a tray of old meat, cheese, buns, chips, or cookies that wasn’t in your plans for what you want to put in your body this week don’t keep them and eat them just because they will go to waste.  Sorry “clean your plate club” members, I believe that healthy weight and feeling good wins over feeling wasteful and guilty about throwing perfectly “good” food out.  Think of it like this; that food is NOT “good” for you and it’s not good for starving countries either so why save it.   We would do more good if we give money or visit those places and plant gardens, give water, and teach them to read.

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