Making Healthy Happen with MUSIC!

Music can make you move, relax, smile, cry, feel, and sweat! I depend on it for my all of my workouts.  I also use it to start my day, commute to work or school,  for my down time, my dance time, and even my #prepforsuccess time in the kitchen.

I have to listen to music to teach classes at Flywheel each week so I have become pretty obsessed with it.  I choose music that makes me move fast, feel strong, and keep going to the end of my workout.  There are different genres, beats, and styles in each list I post that may or may not be for you but there is surely something you will add to your own.

I have a Move to Music playlist series that I plan to keep updated with just enough songs (15-20) to get you through a good solid sweat session.   So click below to follow the list or get ideas here and download the ones you love on itunes later.  Share it with friends, have you ever tried to run with a friend listening to the same music???  hmmm…less talking time but maybe you both find that faster pace that you stick to longer:)

Tips for how to use a playlist for the following workouts on your own are coming next so stay “TUNED”!:)

  • Jogging/running outside with intervals.
  • Jogging/running outside with strength.
  • Weight training with music.
  • Walk/jog outside for gaining endurance.
  • Treadmill workout
  • Cardio Deck Triathlon

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