#MakingHealthyHappen with Susan

I love to share what others are doing, learning, and getting excited about when it comes to #MakingHealthyHappen!  Today I am so proud of my client-friend Susan and how she has taken on this “marathon” to getting healthy for good.  She is an inspiration even to me and I think that you might find some motivation from her energy, thoughts, tips, and pictures here so I am sharing her journey so far.

We first met for a one on one session that went a little longer than planned because she just had this huge passion for learning that got me excited so I kept talking:)  She took notes and left with a plan to implement that very night.

She sent me this the next day:  it’s a little hard to see but she basically took her notes and made it HAPPEN ASAP!

2013-09-25 08.59.16

A week went by and I got a few messages from her.  Not messages screaming with hunger pangs: “help! I can’t do this and please tell me what to eat!”.  Her messages went more like this:

“Hey!! I’m not back from traveling for work until late Wednesday night but we can meet after you are back from Miami! I’m having a great week! The gym at hotel is amazing and I made myself go today for an hour. And I have realized that if you ask at a restaurant, they will help you! Don’t see a menu item that is worth the calories, just ask for something. They have poached eggs, roasted my chicken without butter, etc. I am making it happen! So lets talk when you are back and set up a time next week! Thx!!”

Isn’t that just awesome!  I smile.

Days later I get this picture of her workout and a list of tips, tricks, and notes about her homework (that she totally ACED).

  1. Make yourself a little checklist for water. I check off each time I have one and then I know I had enough.
  2. Plain Non-Fat Yogurt with a little scoop of Almond Butter will crave a sweet craving like no other!
  3. Make chicken in the crock pot on Sunday and you will have it for salads and chicken salad, etc, for many days.
  4. Chicken salad made with avocado is delicious. (in place of mayo)
  5. Sea Scallops from whole foods are a new favorite! You can have two for about 50 calories! And they are so filling!!!
  6. Writing down what I eat has been the best thing for holding myself accountable to calories.
  7. Find new vegetables to roast! I roasted eggplant this week. I did not know I would like eggplant! (Cara: take it a step further and research what eggplant does for your health while you eat it!)
  8. Heart monitor watches make you feel like a bad ass after you finish the work out! Get one and use it!
  9. It’s ok to bring as many containers as you need to work! I keep it in a cooler bag in the break room fridge!
“who’s taking up all the space with this healthy stuff”? – says unhealthy jealous coworker

A note from Susan:

“When I started working with Cara, I had just about given up. I was exercising everyday but losing no weight. I knew it had to do with my eating habits, and I had to find the right way to eat. Working with Cara, I found that eating can be simple and does not have to include fad diets or counting points. I learned to see food as fun! I found ways to make dishes that tasted good but were healthy. I enjoy going to the Market and cooking with fresh ingredients, and I enjoy reading online about trying new and different dishes. Who knew I could love brussels sprouts this much? I took the stress out of eating by just learning to see foods differently, balancing my meals, and eating more often. Now I find myself sharing advice with others and teaching them how to see food differently as well.”

Susan and I do not meet often, we actually have only met once and plan to meet next week (almost 4 weeks later) to check in.  That is the beauty of this, I give a very basic scientific understanding of food that clicks and gives you freedom from relying on someone else to constantly tell you what to eat!  I don’t want to be a “Nutrition Coach”, build meal plans, count your calories, and make you feel guilty each week as you weigh in.  These tools for controlling your actions & holding you accountable when it comes to what you eat and how you sweat are already out there and great “tools”.  However, my goal via Health Coaching or “consulting” is to empower people to find freedom from being controlled by diet plans or philosophies through education and simply tips on how to make healthy happen in their already busy lives.

She got the tools needed for Prepping for Success and DID IT!
She got the tools needed for Prepping for Success and DID IT!

Find out what we talked about to jumpstart her journey.  HEALTHY 101 Sunday at 6pm

IF you are in Atlanta, come!!   September 29th at 6pm.  It’s $20/person or $30 for two.  It’s friendly, un-intimidating, open, casual & co-ed (seriously…it’s not a stella & dot party or cocktail hour).  I am going to make a great new healthy dish that you can try and take a recipe home with you as well as taste Chuice.

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