It’s the simple things that get them to eat, like burnt trees!

I can only get my children to consistently eat one vegetable! That’s “baby trees” a.k.a. Broccoli.

My friend Shira recently shared her pics with me of how she let her son help prepare the trees for roasting so that he could be a part of the process, always the easiest way to get them to eat it and make the biggest mess at the same time!

She hesitated sharing them with me because “they just look like burnt broccoli!” But I think that even the easy and ugly food deserves a little spotlight even if it isn’t #foodporn and Instagram worthy.

Bottom line is this; we are all going to bake fries, nuggets, or cookies for our kids tonight so why not throw a pan of baby trees in and get some fiber, vitamins, and green in them!

How to:

  1. wash and cut broccoli head (or open package) and put it in a freezer gallon bag
  2. drizzle olive oil or coconut oil (whatever you use), lemon juice, and sea salt
  3. SHAKE
  4. put on a roasting pan, in the oven on 350 for 10-20 minutes… depending on how burnt you want your forest!


My girl had them recently too and couldn't get enough
My girl had them recently too and couldn’t get enough

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