Healthy 101 date change: 11/6 6:30pm

NEW DAY:  I had to change it quickly before you made plans for that Wednesday night instead. Same time. Same place. two days later.

Here are the details, hope you can join and maybe bring a friend.

The location is going to be at my favorite recovery place Icebox Cryotherapy.  Read more about it but essentially it is an ice bath on steroids!  It is a 3 minute nitrous gas “shower” that you stand in allowing your core body temperature to drop low enough that when you walk out of it the blood rushes back to your limbs stimulating cell rejuvenation, healing, and reducing inflammation!  (also skin tightening, great energy, and boost in your metabolism).

We will meet there so you can see it and I will cryo in front of you if you want to see what it is all about.  You don’t have to do it ever but you will get a great deal if you want to give it a shot that night.

Below is my daughter pretending to get in it.  She loves when I do it and hugs my legs when I get out until they are warm again.

2013-09-09 10.35.11

Wait, there’s more!

Dunk Truck will be there ready to get you wet too:)… sounds like a comfortable evening right?

What is Dunk Truck? Read up here.

Hydro-static weight (dunking) is the most accurate form of body composition testing you can do and something that I HIGHLY recommend everyone have done once or better yet, each year.  Rachel Stephens is the owner and she will have the truck at Icebox the day of the seminar for anyone that wants to schedule a dunk.  Yes you will go under and your hair will be wet but it is not a cocktail party to pick up dates so who cares!  If you want to dunk earlier then come back for the seminar she will be there early enough so just let her know when you can come.  If you can’t make it happen that day, schedule a time to dunk at one of her other locations around Atlanta or we can get her back to Icebox the following week again if enough need it.

Email her today ( to schedule, she is giving Healthy 101 attendees 20% off the dunk so it is just $40 (reg $50) for one or $75 for two (good to do for a baseline test and then again 12 weeks later).

Again, RSVP on Facebook for the night, it is still $25/ head or $40 for two for the seminar itself covering topics on blood sugar stabilization, holidays made healthy, and an overview of the Clean and Lean cleanse my group did this past week with information on how to do it on your own.

Hope I see you there.

Cara Weaver

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