Move to Music Workout #1

I am always posting playlists to workout (Move to Music) with but never an actual workout to go with it so here you go!  Today I was at my home town gym with no Flywheel, barre, Fast Twitch, or other motivating group fitness class going on all day to get me motivated to go hard.  I was forced to put my playlist workout into action and #makesweathappen!  I had a goal to burn around 300-400 calories using my heart rate monitor because I usually get around 400 in a 45 minute flywheel class and this would feel like I accomplished a lot on my own.

Here is what I did below spelled out so that you can try it too.  The playlist is attached and it’s on my Spotify account so be sure to follow it as I will change this out each month at least and probably attach a new workout with it if you find it helpful?  Let me know what you think by commenting here or wherever you read this socially:) 

Machine Choice:  the cardio deck treadmill, no magazine, tv show, or friend beside me! 

Song 1 (Here and Now 3:54) – 4.0 incline 4.o speed – walk up hill to warmup

Song 2 (Overdose 3:47):  6.0 incline for 2 mins, 8.0 incline for second half of song.

3rd song (SMS Bangerz 2:49):  10.0 incline for this short song up a huge hill!  3.5-4.5 speed, pump arms and don’t hold on!

4th song (Call Your Girlfriend Kaskade remix 5:38): Jog steady speed increasing the speed by .5 for the last 2 minutes. I chose 2.0 incline and 7.0 speed ending at 7.5.  You can do anything from 5.5-7.5 depending on the length of your legs and your usual run speed.  This is not a slow jog.

5th song (Bad Girl – 2:55) short and FAST.  Just increase your speed another .5 from the last song and again for the last 55 seconds of this song until you are sprinting all out to end it.

6th song (Monster 4:11) – Walk up hill again to recover from sprinting.  Choose 8.0 incline and 4.0 speed or work up to it.

7th song (Points of Authority/99 Problems 4:56) Stay on that hill (5.0-7.0 incline) and get ready to run!

  • 5.0-6.0 speed – 60 sec run up hill, 15 second rest.
  • 5.5-6.5 speed – 45 sec run up hill, 15 second rest.
  • 7.0-8.0 speed – THREE 30 second sprints with 15 second rests between each.

8th song (Timber 3:24) – Jog it out on a flat road, not a full recovery but a steady jog back to the 4th song speed.  The last 30 seconds of this song is a perfect opportunity for putting the speed up to 10.0 and running like you stole something!

8th walk up hill to finish and recover, after that last sprint you should enjoy a good walk here to let your heart rate come back down.  4.0-8.0 incline with a 3.0-4.0 speed.

Watch your heart rate come down to a normal level and at the end of this song you are done, push stop and stretch it out.  GREAT JOB!!  I didn’t take a picture of my watch immediately after but I think it was somewhere around 350-400 calories and then I moved on to some strength training (detailed below) so my body just kept burning up the calories and I passed my goal.

2013-11-07 10.39.00

5 Song Strength training workout.  These songs are the 5 that follow the last treadmill song so if you stopped to stretch or take a while to transition then you need to replay the 10th song to get started here.

Song 1 (My Nigga 3:54)- pushups and planks the whole song, ab bridge hold or hip taps side to side.  Just stay up and moving.

Song 2 (All Night 3:26) – Heavy weights for arms – I chose 10 pounds but you can do whatever you can handle that leaves your arms begging for a break after you are done. Combinations of lateral and front raises, bicep curls, shoulder press the entire song.

Song 3 (Big Boy Dialogue 4:04) Weights in hands (same as above) for single and double leg dead lifts.  Pictured below is a single leg for a core challenge, you can use one weight and extend an arm to the side for help with balance or use both weights like I am.  Keep a slight bend in the standing leg and your back straight.  Double leg means to stand with feet shoulder width distance apart, stick your butt out and chest up as you slide the weights down the front of your legs and “drop it down to the floor” like the song says:)  You will feel a slight pull on your hamstrings as you lower slowly and lift again.  If you are unsure how to do this and have a trainer nearby, stop and ask them how to do it!

2013-11-07 10.25.452013-11-07 10.25.43

Song 4 (Beautiful Monster 4:12) – Same weights or bar (in pic above) on shoulders for squats & lunges (butt and thigh work).  I did single leg lunges, held it in a deep lunge for 20 seconds then repeated on each leg.  I then did squats and squat holds.

Song 5 (Bullet Train 4:06) – A song for the core work.  Pick 3 abdominal moves and do each for 45 seconds then each again for 30 seconds! done:)

HAVE FUN… if you do it all the way through take a pic and tag me on fb, instagram, or twitter with #MovetoMusic or #MakingHealthyHappen.

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