Prep For Success: Road trips & Family style

This week we are headed to Mississippi for Thanksgiving so my Monday #PrepForSuccess focused on road trip snacks and easy side dishes for multiple people.

The Shopping:

Packaged items:  Kind Bars (perfect road trip or option away from home), Living Raw truffles (my chocolate LOVER), and Mary’s Gone crackers, hummus, and avocado summer rolls for my on the go “salad” fix! I also got rice cakes and fresh ground almond butter.  

Kid stuff:  Those squeeze apple sauce things that they love, Popcorners chips, mozzarella cheese sticks, and apple juice boxes for the car.  Oh yeah, I also got the bunnies gummy treats that I am not afraid to toss back every hour for 3 minutes of silence.

Produce:   Brussels sprouts, carrots, apples, and berries (already packaged and ready to eat to save time!).

NUTS – always a part of the trip and this time I made roasted Chickpeas to take but I am sure they will be eaten in the car as well.

The Prepping

I decided to prep the brussels sprouts for this recipe ahead of time so that I could pull it out and easily toss it in the oven at my sister-in-laws house without taking over the kitchen.  I didn’t toss them in vinegar because I am not sure if that would be bad for them to sit in for a couple of days and everyone has balsamic vinegar so it’s not something I would have to take anyway.

2013-11-25 18.26.032013-11-25 18.31.43

2013-11-25 18.54.48

I prepped the carrots for this recipes as well and tossed them with lemon juice, parsley, and salt instead of waiting.
2013-11-25 18.26.142013-11-25 19.52.24 2013-11-25 19.58.56Can’t you just see me walking in:  “Hi family!  Nice to see you…here’s my freezer baggies full of brussels sprouts and carrots!”

Car goodies:

  • I sliced up more carrots and apples for the kids to each have a container and my daughter likes hummus so she and I got a little of that while my son will just eat it all plain.
  • Berries make a great finger food in the car.
  • The Avocado Summer rolls are perfect car food and way to get some good green in.

2013-11-25 20.21.24-2

Now I am all set for a healthy road trip, snacks for the kids, chocolate for mama, and healthy contribution to meals when we arrive that require little kitchen time in someone’s way!

Have a Happy Thanksgivings my friends and be sure to use your leftovers to #PrepForSuccess next week (but toss the pies after Sunday and save yourself the tears).


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