Tips for keeping it under control over the Holidays from The Cara & Lillian Show

I bet you think I sit around all week during the Thanksgiving holidays sucking down green smoothies and challenging my family with pushup contests!

and I will let you keep thinking that because I can’t say I don’t (or won’t)!

No matter how healthy you in your everyday life, we ALL face challenges when we get around endless supplies of delicious food with no where to go.  The biggest challenge I find is stopping the motion of hand (full of chips, cookies, etc) to mouth long enough during the day to actually feel hungry again in time for the meal that brought us all together in the first place!

Maybe you have it under control or just say “to hell with it” and stuff yourself silly all day (or week).  Whatever you choose to do during this time at home, here are a few tips on how to keep it somewhat under control from one of our first episodes of The Cara and Lillian Show

Check it out

Re-CAP in bullet points.

  • DRINK WATER – fill up in the morning before the pastries make their way in your mouth with a huge glass of room temp water and lemon.  Carry a glass of water with you all day and before you eat, drink some (or between adult beverages!).
  • GET DRESSED – Try to avoid wearing the oversized shirts and sweat pants all day.  Put on something form-fitting with buttons that tell you when you ate too much:)  Shoes are always a great way to motivate you to keep moving past the counter or couch if you need to get outside and help your body digest.
  • WAIT 2-3 hours between eating.  Eat all you want when you sit down to eat and don’t stress about what it is if you don’t want to.  Enjoy the great food, wine, and family or friend time!  However give yourself a good half hour enjoy eating a meal then stop and give yourself at least 2 hours to feel it, realize you are satisfied, and digest it before you put something else in your mouth because it is sitting there.  Also, you don’t want to “save up” your calories for dinner by going 6 hours without eating either and give your willpower (or your hunger) no chance to hold you back from eating 3 plates.

Happy Holidays,

Cara #MakingHealthyHappen

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