Get a Hard Core anywhere with these 4 moves.

I always end a run with a few minutes of abdominal work because nothing feels better than a tight core at the end of a workout!

Most people have a hard time doing ab work because they always stick with the standard crunch and get bored or burned out quickly.  So I have demonstrated 4 core exercises below that you can do ANYWHERE, I was at the beach which makes it all the easier of course!

I suggest doing a circuit with these and maybe repeating it a couple of times for a great 8-10 minute core workout.

1.  The Scissor kick/lower lift combo.  I like this one because it is different and works the lower abs so great.  Keep the tailbone nailed to the floor or concrete wall (when by the ocean doesn’t matter right!).  I did 8 reps of each of the 4 variations of this move with my chin to chest the entire time.  If you are on the floor your hands can be below your bottom or behind your head.

2.  The Ab Bridge (forearm).  This is a great one for the entire core as it targets more than just the six-pack muscles and helps to create a flat stomach.

3.  The Side Plank for obliques are some of my favorite and you feel them quickly.  I did a set of 8 for each move then repeated with sets of 4 before going to the other side.

4.  The Ultimate At-Home move:  The Mountain Climber!  try to do it correctly for 1 minute using your core to bring your legs in as high as you can but keep you light on your feet.   Don’t get scared watching me on this one!  I look like I Am about to tackle you through the video but that’s just my focus face and it ain’t pretty:)

Then repeat!!

#MakingHealthyHappen anywhere with tight abs,


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