Healthy Travels…it can happen!

So I have been traveling quite a bit lately and it isn’t easy on the body my friends. I have tons of clients that travel weekly for work and I now feel your pain. However, I have some tips and advice for your next trip that might help #makinghealthyhappen just a little easier until you can settle back down at home.

1. #PrepForSuccess- This one is a must no matter what your travel life looks like but even more important of you are alway at the airport or without a vehicle of your own to get to a grocery. Focus on having protein, nuts, and fruit prepared to grab when you run out the door or to put in our bag for the flight. I actually carried a bag of grilled chicken in my purse today knowing that I would be mid-flight at lunch time! I have a bag of nuts, apples, and gluten free crackers in my carry on also. Don’t like chicken? Take turkey, tofu, beef jerky, or nuts on the plane to stay somewhat satiated so you don’t go hours without eating and crash before you get to your first meeting.

2. Eat BEFORE you get to the airport if you can! I had a boiled egg before I left the house and a larabar on the way. I got to the airport where I was immediately hit with the smell of bisquits, eggs, and cheese everywhere but I had already eaten so oh well!! there is nothing healthy about the food at the airport. If you must choose breakfast here, Starbucks always has a fruit bowl and bananas are a great breakfast with eggs, hold the cheese, potatoes, (ie. Buckets of grease and fat).

3. Water down!!! I know it may cause more frequent trips to the restroom which can be a hassle but when we travel we get so dehydrated without water conveniently available. So get a large bottle to drink before your flight or right when you get off and take it down like medicine before you move on. You will feel so much better, skin softer, eyes less puffy, and even curb your hunger for a little while.

4. Don’t stop working out just because you are away from your local gym. Find a fitness class, studio, or jogging path at your destination before you go if possible. There are cycling studios like Flywheel in most major cities now and yoga studios on every corner, just google “fitness classes in _(city)___”.

Most offer the first class free with times a early as 5:30am if you are entertaining until dinner. My husband complains of this to me. He said that he has to go to drinks straight from meetings so they miss the 5:30-6pm workout time that he usually gets in at home. I asked why he couldn’t tell them he would meet them for a drink before dinner and just go for a quick run first. Would they not close the deal? Would it hurt to miss one drink? Would they not want to go do the same but scared to put it out there? This may not be needed for one night but if you are there frequently, book your flight a little later so you can get one in before you leave if the trip home wears you out and causes you to miss another workout.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all just stepped out and made healthy happen even if it requires a little change?

Safe travels !




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