#CleanTox the 2 day resolution of 2014!

a simple way to remind yourself how to eat 80% of the time (clean), pull out the dirty, keep the clean.

Here’s how it goes… join me!

The Allowed:
  • Protein:  Nuts (of any kind, raw and unsalted), avocado, eggs
  • Vegetables:  any and all, just get it raw or juiced. (except potato)
  • Fruit:  any and all in smoothies, juices, or raw.
  • Water!!!  With lemon, cayenne pepper, and/or cinnamon.  Drink all day as much as possible.

The Not Allowed:

  • Meat, chicken, poultry, cheese, creams, milk, etc.
  • Added sugars:  sugar, chocolate, syrup, sweets, gum
  • Alcohol
  • Grains, processed foods
  • Potatoes, starch

In or Out, up to you:

  • Fatty foods like nut butters, oils, and fish.
  • Caffeine

The Plan:

  • Pick any 2 consecutive days the first week of each month.
  • Get 8 hours of sleep for 3 nights during this (the night before day 1, day 1, and day 2)
  • Eat or drink every 2 hours and keep the size of the meals under control (200-400 calorie)
  • Don’t go longer than 3 hours without eating..that is NOT “cleantoxing”…that is called starving yourself and is not the purpose of this plan.
  • Get busy, stay out of your kitchen, don’t cook a meal for your family that you can’t eat!  Just let them order out or make something simple for them and move on.  Get them on board if you can, anyone can do this..it doesn’t need a doctors approval.
  • Carry it into the rest of your week/month and choose the clean over the other 8 out of 10 times!
  • Don’t have a “cheat day” right before your clean days and make yourself miserable.  Get over the cheat day mentality and have something you crave or love once a week with a clean choice around it and keep the portion under control.

This is my challenge for the year, my resolution to check back in with myself each month and see how I am doing.  I may go more than 2 days every so often, I may do it for 2 days each week for a month, I may struggle some but I will always do at least 2 days, at least once a month and get through it!

Some questions that have already come in:  

  • Why only 2 days?  Because it is realistic, achievable, and effective.  You usually have these foods on hand or need them if you are prepping for success anyway so it doesn’t require an extra investment for a long period of time and won’t cause your meats or dairy to spoil while they wait on you.
  • Why no cooked foods?  Because raw foods and fresh foods have the most nutrients and are easily digested by your body giving your system a little break from the added oils, fats, preservatives, and toxins that are in processed, overcooked, and creamy foods.
  • Should you just juice all day?  Sure, if you like that.  Just don’t eat the “not allowed” foods and you are fine.  Hate juices?  that’s fine, just eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and drink water to help move it all along.
  • Should I count calories?  If you are serious about it and want to write down what you eat so you can repeat it each month knowing that you are on track, YES.  Try to get around 1,000-,1500 calories in.
  • Can I workout?  you can ALWAYS workout:)  take yoga, barre, or go for a long walk up hill if you feel sluggish or if you are restricting your calories to 1,000 per day or less.

It’s a monthly resolution.  

It’s realistic, it’s effective, and it’s achievable.  

Tag it if you try it: #CleanTox

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