Body Composition Testing

When I meet with clients to begin setting goals and measuring progress, there are only 2 things that I ALWAYS ask them to have done or get and that is:

1.  Body Composition tested

2.  A Heart Rate Monitor

Everyone needs to know their body composition at least once and especially if you struggle to reach or keep weight loss goals.   Knowing what your body can do instead of what you want it to do at the gym or with food is a game changer.

I am talking about more than just a hand-held device at the gym or expensive scales at home that read it based on your weight, this is hydro-static weighing for the most accurate data.  I am NOT being paid to promote this business or any Bod Pod out there, I just believe in the most accurate testing you can get and this is where it is.


The Dunk Truck will be at The Bar this saturday on Howell Mill Road if you can get away, take a friend and drag the kids along (mine watched me dunk and it was hilarious but my Mom was there to keep them from diving in so it was all good!).  If you can not make this time, check out the schedule and get it done in the next 4 weeks.

Email: to set up an appointment, tell her that I sent you with strict orders to know your stuff and you will get a 10% discount.  

After you have that… you are ready to work with me and finally reach goals for LIFE!

Let’s do this #MakingHealthyHappen together, the right way.

Have a great day,

Cara Weaver

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