Core With Cara – March 2014 Challenge

Hey friends,

I put this out on Facebook the other day and got an amazing response so I wanted to share it on my blog in case you aren’t on social media or facebook often.

I did a Core routine for some friends after my class the other day for about 6 minutes on the floor in the studio. After this quick “class” they said what we all say after we do solid ab work;

“man, if I just did this every day I would have abs!”

Have you ever said that?

I do all the time, and then I don’t work them every day because it takes slowing down & its usually boring because there isn’t a routine or setting for it like a treadmill has or a weight bench.

So I am going to put out about a 6 minute choreographed ab video weekly and challenge you to do it every day for March so that we get spring break ready!! The routine will be the same for the whole week so you really get it down.

I asked for lots of “LIKES” on facebook so that I would know my energy and time were going to be used by lots of people.  I got over 300 so I am ready to do this for FREE and share it via facebook, youtube, and here via email right to you.


  • Learn the ROUTINE – learn the routine.  It will be 2 songs or 1 long song about 6-7 minutes total.  The routine will be easy enough to watch or do with me and then repeat on your own every day of the week to the same songs.
  • Find the SONGS – I will post the songs I use on a playlist on Spotify so follow me and that playlist weekly to have it on hand.
  • Use the ACCOUNTABILITY – I will ask daily at the same time who completed the challenge and if you did (of course you did) then you can “like” the post or retweet the “tweet”!  Notice how many people are doing it with you and how many toned abs you will see at the beach along with yours for Spring Break!! yay.

The GOAL:  to have tighter, more toned abs for Spring break by doing this short work on them every day!

Are you in???  Let me know with a “like” here or comment.  Hold yourself accountable and do this.

Here’s to a fABulous March:)


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