Saved by the office salad bar!

This amazing little bag of super food goodness is at your local publix (maybe others but I am not sure) and at Costco.  My friend Carrie pulled out a giant (costco) bag of it one day and made us lunch and I said…..WHAT?? You just “made healthy happen” in like 2 minutes!

I found it in a smaller bag and thought it would be perfect for someone at the office (if you have a fridge there of course).  Here’s what I would do:

  • Buy this bag and a bag of spinach or other mixed greens
  • Grape tomatoes and walnuts
  • cooked chicken, boiled eggs (if you won’t get beat up at work), or sliced deli turkey
  • take it to work along with a nice big bowl and utensils

Use 1/3 of the mix with added greens and toppings for a salad each day using different toppings for protein or as a side to a sandwich.

2014-02-27 12.08.14

You can always #prepforsuccess and make your own one day if you find them pricy or have the time to do it with local vegetables.  Otherwise…. here you go my friends, it may require a little prep work and more space taken up in the office fridge than your Jimmy Johns sub but you are worth it:)


I know you have some co-workers that drool over your salad every time you pull it out (ok maybe that’s taking it too far).  BUT, they would probably enjoy saving a little $$ and having a light, fresh meal with your help.

My suggestion:  have an office salad bar social lunch hour.

  • You bring the super food mix
  • Slater brings the spinach or mixed greens
  • Kelly brings the tomatoes & blueberries would be good on it.
  • A.C. brings the walnuts or other mixed nuts
  • Lisa brings turkey
  • Good ole Zach brings boiled eggs because the good-looking guy can get away with murder:)
  • Screech will mess up his assignment for sure so just tell him to bring fruit for dessert.

You all bring a bowl and utensils and you have one pretty damn good office party salad bar and you can invite the boss to lunch for bonus points.

saved by the bell


Cara Weaver

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