Calling all cardio junkies… get muscle.

You all know I teach cycling and I absolutely LOVE it!!  I love to get sweaty, go fast, and feel like I just kick butt on the bike or on run.  There is nothing like the natural high you get from a great interval cardio workout, especially when surrounded by extremely loud music and great people (ie. all of my classes at Flywheel:))!


HOWEVER, I also always preach to clients daily about how too much cardio with little to no strength training is just not good for your body composition, metabolism, & longevity.  If you want tight #gunsandbuns and believe that strong is the new skinny then keep reading.  If not, go for another run and enjoy your day!!

Here are some little (or huge) facts about muscle mass:

1.  Muscle burns calories while being worked (built), resting, AND recovery.

2. The more muscle mass you have the more calories (fat) your body will burn, also known as having a HIGHER METABOLISM.

3.  Higher metabolism is what we need as we age, enjoy good food, and control weight.

4.  Calorie restriction will only work when you have a high body fat and little risk of losing muscle mass.  Once your body has decided that it is at an acceptable body fat level (called our “set point”) it will start to break down the muscle tissue instead.

The point is that you will burn off more calories with less time spent pounding your body by building lean tissue.  

So lift weights, heavy or light…just LIFT!

Start here:

1.  Hire a personal trainer for a few sessions to learn how to do some basic moves that you can take anywhere, at home, or at the gym yourself after your time with the trainer.  Take notes, ask for videos, workout plans, and use them for what you pay them for!!  You don’t have to commit for years to a trainer, they want to help you so let them do that while you can afford them and then move on. (need a trainer? I know the best of the best in Atlanta so just ask me!)

2.  Start slowly by getting resistance training with light weights and body weight via TRX classes, Pilates, and Barre classes.  Add 2 a week and replace some of your long cardio with these for best results.

3.  Get heavy!  Go to classes that incorporate more weights at least once a week if you don’t do this on your own or with a trainer.  Once you start to realize how great it feels to be sore and look toned (ie. have muscle) then start adding at least one day a week of heavier lifting to your routine and you are all set! (BLAST900, Orange Theory, FAST TWITCH, Kettlebells, Crossfit, etc.)

Still confused and don’t know if you are ready for some of this?? This is what I love to help people with and why I am a “health coach” rather than a nutritionists or personal trainer.  There is a big picture and we are all so different, I sit down and assess where you are, your goals, your schedule, and help you figure out what is best use of your time for the fastest results.  Just email me to get started.  You can get a group of friends together for a healthy evening or lunch and meet or one on one with me virtually, in person, or on the phone!



If you are ready to pick up some weights today.. Join me at 5:30pm at The Forum Athletic Club for a beginner tutorial on how to take my weight training class Fast Twitch.  Just show up, no sign up needed.  $20/drop in and $150/ten pack.


If you need some intensely FUN and great quality cardio… there are still a few bikes open in my #SweatySaturday 9:30am Flywheel class and I would LOVE to see your face there as well.  First class is FREE and shoes await you there.

Happy Healthy Weekend,

A short video from Ryan & Coach Cara:)


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