What I ordered at YEAH Burger and why, in 3 minutes.

I have started something called “3 FREE” on my you tube channel and it is my way of answering any question a reader, client, or friend has in under 3 minutes so I don’t have to type:)! I do it sporadically and will do it more often if I have the requests for information.

Today’s is just my recap of an awesome conversation I just had at Yeah Burger to-go counter with two strangers that made me laugh, asked me questions, and enjoyed all of my tips for Making Healthy Happen getting excited about implementing it themselves.  I LOVED talking to them and am reminded why I do so much of this every day.

The conversation started with “You must workout every day to get those arms?” I answered like I always do “I workout with weights and cardio 5-6 times a week and eat really clean!”  To which they reply “oh, well that’s not what I do!” HAHA . . I love these ladies already and they laughed, talked, asked questions, and watched me closely as I ordered so I took the time to explain to them the simple reasoning I have when I order and here it is for you too.

I barely made it 3 minutes before queen Ryan of #Ryansworld brought me back to my real job, she’s a tough boss.

In summary:
1. know what carbs are (sugar, vegetables, bread, potatoes, fruit, drinks, etc.)

2. Then pick 1 or 2 smaller ones per meal all day no matter where you are. Doing that consistently throughout the day is MUCH better than saving the sugar up for one big overloaded “cheat meal” because that just confuses your body.

Lower Sugar = leaner bodies.

Quality foods = bigger portions and less calorie restriction (ie. vegetables for days or a 1/2 cup of processed something).

Hope you enjoy and if you have anything you want to know about specific for informational purposes or reviews of products, foods, workouts just write me and email or through social media. I seem to get more time to make a video than type it out so this works.

Have a great weekend!!
Cara Weaver, Health Coach

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