Prep For Success – Meal Plans this week: Potato

My Meal Plan this week.  Because maybe you care, want to share, or try some out too:)!  #MakingHealthyHappen at home requires a #PrepForSuccess plan for the week.  I will find 2-3 recipes and list out what I need, read through them and prep what I can in advance (like boiled eggs or grated zucchini (see below)) then throwing them together is that much easier the night I want to make it.  

My meal-inspiration this week comes from IG accounts/blogs:  Whole 30 Recipes, Real Food by Dad, and Winning at Losing!

Sliced Sweet Potato Bake – to go with a side of fish, grilled chicken, or shrimp dish with vegetables or a salad. (@whole30recipes)

From Whole30 Recipes
From Whole30 Recipes

Sweet potato fries with any leftover potatoes, I usually split a large one with my husband and have the fries with the other because I love the fries (add carrots to that pan if you have them) in leftovers, cold, and in salads. (@whole30recipes)

Baked Zucchini Cups with avocado mayo dip – hoping the kids will try one!

from: The Real Food Dad
from: Whole30Recipes

Baked potato boat with egg, avocado, bacon! amazing! (@therealfooddad)

from: The Real Food Dad
from: Real Food by Dad

Avocado mash & bacon deviled eggs! DUH!

2014-10-05 07.37.16

Stuffed Bell Peppers  – because I will have some leftover ground chicken from the zucchini cups and it will make a mexican night. (@winningatlosing)

From: Winning at Losing
From: Winning at Losing

Also I found these at Publix and thought they are a perfectly FAST & cheap #PrepForSuccess option and to have ingredients on hand, dippers, snacks, and sides ready for any recipe above.  2014-10-05 09.52.34

The Grocery List:

2-3 Sweet potatoes (2 if you are a single and want fries, 3 if you each want a baked one and some fries!)

1-2 Baked potatoes

2 avocado

Eggs, bacon

Chives, 2 Zucchini squash, 2 red/yellow bell peppers, green onions, cilantro

Ground chicken

cheese for baked potato if you wish

pantry items – almond/coconut flour, onion powder, salt & pepper, evoo or coconut oil, etc. (read recipes… I didn’t write it all down yet:))!

ENJOY, I know we will:)

Cara, Making Healthy Happen and Sweating daily!

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